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was able to find a few flight only but not AI. Got Sunwing out of Toronto to the resort we wanted Jibacoa at a great price. 1450 all in.Am fealing blessed lol

just booked a 6.10 flight package to veradero for the 29th of September. Now we just have to hope they don’t change the times.

anyone successful in booking early morning flights to veradero lately. Seems all flights are late

just read on another site the equipment is being moved from building 3 into the new Ranchon and is scheduled to open Oct12th. Couldn’t be happier as it is my favorite place for lunch. Hopefully by 1.30 tomorrow I will be sitting there enjoying an ice cold Crystal woooooohooooo
woooohooooo now I feel like our trip to Jibacoa is really going to happen. Never quite secure until I have that little piece of paper. Looks like there is going to be quite a contingent from Debbies ascending on this poor resort at the same time. Should be a great time as usual. 20 days and counting ….. can hardly wait
Seeing the Ranchon torn down almost brings tears to me eyes. I hope it remains and open concept. I don’t like going down south and sitting indoors. couldn’t agree more. I know the Ranchon needed some fixing up but to see it gone leaves a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Many a delicious lunch was had while watching the waves and enjoying a nice cold crystal. It will be interesting to have another a la carte option though. Can’t wait until October.

A special thanks to Steffiej and triple-b for satisfying our inquiring minds

rpj…. yup best deal ever….. 2weeks taxes in for 2 people out of Toronto $2056.00 total….. how sweet is that

hey salsagirl…. yes they do have iron and board in the room but the crinkled look is in this year so no worries ;D ;D and Thank You Thank You Thank You .You will have an awesome time . Have a safe trip and look forward to hearing from you

have to agree with swaava…. best to bring your own. Please check your pm

Hey Sarah, I know your going away in May but our trip is not until October your more than welcome to join us and as hubby says what good is that little blue card if your not willing to use it
Even our travel agent said it was to good of a deal to pass up. Did your hubby decide to join you on your trip, last I read he was still undecided ? If he said no maybe you can intice him with this deal
hey Jenn… yes that is the price quoted but when you continue on to booking page it comes up $2130 ….. so off hubby goes to our travel rep(caribbean vacations has office up the street in Hamilton) who can not only believe the price but beats it by $50 bucks each ticket so we paid $2056. We have noticed that for the last 3 trips we have made the listed price becomes lower as you progress to booking page. Don"t know why but we always keep our fingers crossed. Has worked out each time

To YVRck we realize this is hurricane season and usually take this week every year. So far we have been VERY lucky

OMG just booked awesome deal for Breezes Jibacoa Oct 14th for 2 people ….get this …. 2 weeks……. $2130 all in ….. also available at selloffvacations… unfriggin believable can hardly wait. Been watching prices for month now earliest we’ve booked but by far best price wooooohoooo

Finaly received reply about date of Octoberfest It has been nice to know you are planning to come to our resort once again. We will be celebrating Oktoberfest for the 3 last weeks of October. I think it will be a good time to come and have fun among the other guests and Breezes Jibacoa Staff.Best regards, Vivian Puig TellezGuest RelationsI’m thinking she means the 3rd week as we have been first 2 weeks and last week and have missed out on these festivities. The last week is always Halloween so i can’t see them running 2 events at the same time. Anyone been down at this time

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