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Rumrunner–yes my sister is getting the ‘script for each pair too. She has about 50 pairs to give.

Thanks Gambitt that is perfect. We are also doing NJT bags—well hopefully –right now we are in the process of getting baggage allowance from the airline but the woman I normally deal with is away for a few days. We have previously bought NJT bags to Varadero and Honduras.Also thanks Spunky for your information–I was asking specificly about eye glasses beucase this is what we already have. I am not comfortable giving cash unless I know specificly of the organization and/or the people runnning it.
Hi …we are travelling to Gaurdalavaca next week and my sister has a supply of glasses (for reading and distance) and she would like to donate them to a clinic —does anyone know of one near to Club Amigo??


Thanks all–I have emailed the wowcuba people and they were very quick to get back to me.

Hi there–I am staying at Club Amigo in Gaurdalavaca in February and I am hoping to do my open dive component of my scuba course while I am there. Can anyone tell me the name of the dive shop so that I can set it up?

Thanks for the quick response. Yep we are doing the letter–but we were wondering about other issues as far as Cuban customs and/or Cdn customs.
I don’t expect there to be issues with cuban men–I will have to speak with them in regards to how flirty the Cuban men can be etc etc– as far as behaviour and drinking–we do intend on speaking with her parents and both girls about our expections in regards to men, drinking behaviour etc. I don’t mind if my 18 year old step daughter has a glass of wine at dinner or sneeks a beer by the pool–but I don’t want them blato. Obviously I have to be realistic as I won’t be with them 24 hours a day but this is a big family trip and a small resort (14 of us there) so there will be several other adults watching out for them too.

Has anyone brought a minor to Cuba that wasn’t their own? I am looking at bringing a minor down to Cuba (a friend of my step daughters) she is 17–what kind of rules are there??

You are allowed to bring wine on Carnival–they will not confisicate it. You may or may not be charged a corkage fee. We borrowed a cork screw from our room stewart for one bottle of wine. We also brought a box of wine. If you want a glass at dinner jsut bring a glass of wine with you–you can get a glass from the bartender–fill it in your room. This is completly within the ‘rules’ at Carnival. If however, you bring booze in your carry-on (i.e not wine) it can be taken and I have heard stories of it being taken and dumped (aka not returned to you at the end of the cruise or ever). We brought a bottle of rye in our suitcase without problem—but to be sure we brought semi cheap stuff in case it was taken.

Carnival cruise lines doesn’t have mandotory tipping as someone else suggested.The do suggest $10 per person per day–and for convience they automaticly chage your account this amount–BUT–if you do not want to tip this amount you simple go to the purser’s desk and adjust up or down as you like.This was the only charge on our account–we did not buy drinks or shore excursions.

In September we will try our second cruise.

Just returned from Margarita Island in Feb. We stayed at Purto Del Sol–which is on Playa Agua. It is not a calm beach–very nice, we liked it–but if you are not a good swimmer-DO NOT GO. There are lots of excursions offered but we just went to relax. There is no snorkling at the beach but there were snorkeling trips offered. We flew out of T.O. and it was a 5.5 hour flight to T.O.–then we had a 3.5 hour drive home—believe me that was long enough!!!!!!

Hey Everyone…..I have never been to Pamama….but I saw some great prices and so I was thinking of going this week–but I checked the weather and it was rainy, thunderstorm mess—Is this accurate???

I am not sure what the usual price is but there is a special right now for a little under $600 pp. but that is to leave in a couple of days. I was in shock when I saw the price….maybe there’s a catch…..

Hi there….looking at maybe a girls trip to M-Bay… it safe to do this? I hear there is a lot of crime and pushy vendors–is this true??Usually when we do girls only we go to Cuba as it is very safe there….Thanks!

Thanks Wossa!
Yes–we have decided to do it! I have done the little scuba thing in the pool before but not in the ocean–so I am hoping I will not have a problem. I was considering doing the certification while I am there but we are on limited time so maybe next trip!

Anybody tried the introductory diving? Is it safe to try? Anyone have a recommend dive spot to do it from?We are looking at staying at the Henry Morgan.

Good news–the lodge e-mailed and they said there is a medical centre very near to them!

LOL–no not much weight just bulky—it will end up being 5 suitcases between the 2 of us–and the plane is pretty small–lol—anyways I contacted the lodge at Pico Bonito to see if there is a medical centre near them–(maybe I could leave the bags before the flight to Roatan)–they are probably more in need too (rathen then roatan)—and I have contacted Conquest if the plan to leave them near Pico Bonito doesn’t work.Am still waiting responces.

Freedom —you must be leaving soon…yes?

I think I will contact Conquest to see if we can bring the extra weight on to the little plane–the more that I think about it –I am not so sure it will work…..?

Hi Freedom,The bags are through NJT for 10kg each (x2) —but there is now a problem that NJT is out of suitcases so they may or may not be able to get us some bags..and I have a suitcase to drop off for them too–but I am too far away to get it there before I arrive and the pick up would be in the middle of the night so I am not sure what I can do. Perhaps Kathy can put the Aid into a plastic bag at her door–then I can put the aid in my suitcase that I was going to donate anyway………?? Maybe I will suggest this to Kathy and see what she thinks?Here is a link to a review that has a picture of the plane we take:

We are laving on the 17th and would be getting to Henry Morgan on 19th..

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