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There are a few things in walking distance from the ferry, but mostly shopping. There are also places that only sell Tequila and other booze that allow taste testing If you book a tour, you will have to go where the tour goes. When you get off the ferry, there will be lots of people selling tours. You might be able to get a really good deal. If you do want to book a tour, you can book what is called the Island Tour. It might include the Tequila Factory. I would go to the Tequila Factory for sure. You can do taste testing and you can also buy their tequila. I don’t think you can buy theirs in stores. We’ve done the factory tour twice and I would go again. You can always grab a cab and have them do a tour of the island. When we were in Coz last November we had our bell boy arrange a taxi for us. We requested one with a larger car and someone that could speak good english. It was very reasonable. The driver showed up with a three seater van that had excellent A/C.

You might want to ask this question on the TA Cozumel forum (more traffic over there).

In my opinion, Air Canada is doing everything possible to run their airline into the ground. I don’t trust them anymore. Save yourself some grief and find a different supplier for your vacation. After what they put people through the last couple of months, they have lost my business unless I am completely desperate.

I checked my paperwork and there was a paper with service and return information. On that there was a 10% off your next order coupon.

I am going to the Barcelo in May, I also live in Halifax. I would be happy to bring it back also.

I just thought of a great idea. Make a sign that reads, This Room is Protected by a Security-Camera. Make it in Spanish and prop it up where anyone entering the room will not miss it.

What a great idea, if you find one, let us know where you got it and the cost. Thanks

I didn’t notice any coupon, I’ll have another look in the box the instructions are still folded. : )

I sent you a message Sillyjilly,I picked mine up from my mailbox yesterday. I should have clued in USPS stands for United States Postal Service duh! I was expecting that it would come by courier. Hubby had it out of the box before I had my jacket off, lol. He was telling a co-worker today about. Coincidentally the co-worker was looking at the Milockie video last evening.

The total charge that went through my cc was roughly $91Cdn and change. I am patiently awaiting for it to arrive. The last place on record was a sorting station in California on March 15th.

I ordered my Milockie last night. I ordered it over the phone using their 1-800 number. The total of my order is $89.95 US. I think it will be well worth it. One more thing off my check list. I have a tracking number for USPS, the lady said it takes about 7 to 10 days.

Thanks for you help, I will be ordering one also, : )

I’ve been to the website for the Milockie, price $69. is there another $27 on top of that for a total of $96.?


I guess tourism is going to take a nosedive in Halifax when the tourist read this article. Crime happens everywhere, no place is immune. Go on vacation, enjoy yourself, remember not to leave your common sense in the suitcase. Bad things can and do happen to good people. I don’t think at all that Canadians are being targeted, that is just stupid. It’s not like we wear a flag on our arm, and advertise the fact where we are from.

When this story broke, I read several stories from different news sources. None of them mentioned that she was naked, was she? I only heard that after the Mexican confessed (cough cough, maybe was forced to confess). Does that resort have wrist bands, not all resorts do. The last resort I stayed in on Cozumel Island did not have them. The woman may not be able to talk, but I bet she can write or type. Would be nice to hear her side of the story. There was no mention of brain damage in any of the articles I read. I think if her husband did the deed, he would have used his hands or fists, there would have been signs. I don’t think the husband did it.

Still way too many unanswered questions to this story. Hope they do print a follow-up.

You can get bottled water from any bartender and they also put bottles in your room as well.

I don’t think this applies to the ABR. The two times that I was there, we could get our water just filled from the bartenders, but they did not provide "bottled water" for the rooms. The coolers outside the buildings are holding water, but I don’t think that it is cooling the water.

Travel4fun, I feel just as safe in the parts of Mexico I have vacationed in as I do in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We have gone 7 times now and plan to go again. We have gone off the resort every time. We either go by ourselves via collective or taxi or take an organized excursion (to the ruins, etc) I don’t go places while traveling that I would not go to at home, for example, I don’t go downtown Halifax late at night and I never walk the streets in some areas alone. Also, don’t open your hotel room door to strangers (unless you have called for service), no matter who they are! Don’t leave your hotel room alone late at night. Very few of the violent indicents that have been reported by the news happened anywhere near where you are going to be vacationing. Most of the problems are on the Pacific side and revolve around the drug problems, about 1500 kms from Cancun/Mayan Rivieria. You also have to look at the details of some of those crimes. Sometimes people go to places they shouldn’t and engage in activities that they shouldn’t. That doesn’t mean that sometimes bad things happen to good people. For the most part the tourist areas of Cancun and the Mayan Rivieria are very safe for tourists. I will mention this, don’t take advice from someone who has never to the Mayan Rivieria, they have no idea what they are talking about. Speak to people that have gone and they can give you their take on it.

Have a great trip. If you don’t feel comfortable venturing off the resort by yourself, take an organized excursion and see some of the marvels of Mexico.

I’ve been to Cozumel twice and the Mayan Riveria region of Mexico about 5 times now. We usally leave the resort a couple of times during the week we are there. We have never felt unsafe off the resort. We are always back at the resort before dark unless we are with an organized tour. This last incident leaves more questions than answers. I hear that Sheila has been brought out of the medically induced coma and recognized her husband and doesn’t seem to have any brain damage (I’m so happy about that). What they are not saying is if she could identify her attacker. Maybe they want to keep that private right now. I have no idea why she was out of her hotel room by herself in the wee hours of the morning. That is still no reason for someone to have put that beating on to her. Bad things can and do happen to good people. When the story comes out in the news they always refer to the other crimes against Canadians in the last couple of months. I don’t think it’s that cut and dry, the circumstances behind all the crimes are different. This last one is particularly worrisome because it happened inside a well known resort. And because it did happen inside a resort, no ones knows who the culprit was, it could have been another tourist or a local. I hope Sheila will be able to tell the authorities. I will still visit Cozumel and the MR, at this point I don’t have any desire to journey to the Pacific side of Mexico. While in any country on vacation, I will still practice my street smarts. I won’t be going off the resort after dark, I won’t be traveling around the resort after dark by myself, and I won’t be opening my door to strangers. Happy travels everyone, stay safe.

Heading back to Jamaica in April. Is anyone else from the forum going to be at the Sunset Beach Resort in Montego Bay around Apr 14-21/12?

Doesn’t sound to me that he is blaming the resort for the windy beach, he is just pointing out that it is one of the bad things.

five sleeps for us. : )

Hi Nan, I don’t usually take thank you gifts to Mexico. They have Wal-Mart’s, something like a Costco or Sam’s club and lots of other shops and stores. They can pretty well get anything that they want or need. We usually say thank you in Mexico with $$. Some people may take gift items. Maybe someone else will chime in. Where are you flying from?

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to jump right in. Glad to be of some help.

Hi Sharon, this will be trip #6 for us. First time to this resort but I have been looking at it for a few years. We always have a great time in Mexico. I’m going to send you a PM

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