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I know there are a few resorts along the highway from the airport to the Mayan but don’t know if they are considered part of the Mayan. These are located between Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Might be pricier chains too, just not sure.

What’s the ideal transfer time you are looking to stay in?

If you insist on safe drinking water from the taps then I suggest looking at Jamaica.

If you happen to get some shower water in your mouth, as long as you spit it out you should be fine. The other option is to keep your mouth shut in the shower.

I’m not aware of anywhere that has drinkable tap water in Mexico. The resorts do provide bottled water in your room though.

I’d be interested to see if anyone knows of a Mexican resort with drinkable rap water.

Not sure where you can get to from your current location, but we went to Los Cabo, Mx at the end of September last year. 9 days of sunshine (very little rain in that area). That said it was mid 30’s the entire time but is suspect all southern destinations will be similar in the heat department at that time. Loved Cabo and would go back without hesitation!

Good luck on the search!

It does! Never really heard bad things about the Grand Palladium resorts either. I’m also waiting on a response from Sunwing and the hotel on accessible rooms and how we book them (we’ve got someone who needs a ground floor room).

Hoping others have been to the area. Looking at the Grand Palladium Vallarta for this winter and was looking for thoughts on the resort and any info on stuff to do off the resort (such as shopping or eating). I know Bucerias is about 20 minutes away, but is there stuff to do in Punta de Mita?


I like the idea of having a Canadian Caribbean province, especially with an under par Canadian dollar. On the surface it’s a great idea, but there are those fine details that may make it less enticing (for example, would we need to upgrade the water treatment systems and hydro networks to bring them up to our codes?)

They’ve even done reno’s since I was there. Rebuilt the buffet and supposedly finished updating the rooms.

The pool on the beach is a nice touch too.

The couple times I’ve send them from Ottawa has been good. We were delayed southbound on one flight but that was due to a paperwork issue before it left Sudbury. Overall they’ve been better than Thomas Cook was!

If you have questions let me know. Trying to post a review but the review site "Confirmation Code" isn’t working right now.

I’ve only been to Montego Bay, but I’ve heard the beaches in Negril are the best. I just can’t find a resort in my budget there.

Group of 5 of us heading south for two weeks. A few more joining us for a week. Can’t wait!

Welcome onboard. I suggest you visit Debbie’s Dominican forum as there is lots of info there.

I will say the best excursion I did from Punta Cana is the Zip Line one.

Hoping someone can helpout here. The vacation wife has decided that on our trip to Playa Del Carmen in February that she wants to go to Cozumel for a day. I know where the PDC Ferry is, but am wondering if there is anything in walking distance from the Cozumel Ferry to do or if we’d need to book a tour of some sort.I’m open for ideas. If a taxi is needed, that’s cool just looking for ideas to do in Cozumel (I know to avoid shopping as it’s the same stuff as PDC but more expensive – at least that’s what I’ve been told).


Not sure if you are still looking for an answer, but when we left Ottawa it was boarding from the middle. On the return is was middle and rear.

Another question. Does anyone know if the Sunset offers diet pop?


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