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We began traveling to the Riviera Maya over 10 years ago, staying on the mainland at resorts. We discovered Isla Mujeres in 2005 and have never looked back. So, my advice is obvious: go! Just know that you’ll barely be able to tear yourself away when it’s time to return to the mainland. You can easily go for the day, but it’s a longer trip from GBPA to Puerto Juarez, where you’ll catch the ferry to Isla. You can take an ADO bus to downtown Cancun, then cab to the ferry terminal (not far). This is a very economical way to go, but it’ll take you a little longer. A private transfer will cost you, but it’ll be quicker and you’ll be on your own schedule. USA Transfers are a good company and we’ve used them many times to our satisfaction. AGI is another transfer service I can recommend.If you really want to experience Isla, stay for the night. Small hotels are plentiful and affordable (I can recommend several if you are interested), and then you’ll get to experience sunset on Playa Norte, dinner and a fun evening out. Ferry/transfer back in the morning. No point rushing back to your resort the same day, only to go to bed anyways!Having said all of that – the answer to your question is: yes, you can go for the day. Staying over is better.Whatever you choose, know that this is an easy, enjoyable do-it-yourself day – no need to take an organized tour.Is there anything in particular you are interested in doing while on the island?

Tales of a Female Nomad by Rita Golden Gelman is my all-time favourite read for the road/beach!

Bubbles, you keep that sunset fresh in your memory, it won’t be long now girl. Eight days for us, I’m not sure if "Jakette" is going to last that long, I’ve never seen her this excited about going away……

Jake, eh

I’m tryin’ Jake, I’m tryin’…but 8 sleeps to go and I think I’m gonna burst! Tell Jakette that I feel her pain

Hey, in case I’m not on here again before you guys leave, have a WONDERFUL trip and enjoy your time under that sweet Mexican sun

14 sleeps for meeeeee! 2 weeks from RIGHT now, I’ll be sippin’ cervezas on Playa Norte, watching a beautiful Mexican sunset ;D ;D ;DJust sayin’!
Uh, so this place is like a morgue lately. THOUGHT I could count on the "Jake-Bahia-Nuts-Team" to join me in my countdown excitement, but alas, no one seems to be very excited these days

Is there anybody out there? ;D ;D ;D

P.S. that pic is of the antipasto selection at Angelo’s Restaurant on Isla Mujeres…which, incidentally, I will be eating once again in about 35 sleeps ;D

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I think the Catalonia Royal Tulum is a pretty decent deal for an Adult’s Only resort. I’d like to try it myself at some point! I have stayed at another Cat resort and was very impressed with the facilities, staff, food, etc. Not "mega" resorts and you can tell…in a good way
Very busy busy busy. I swore I’d never do it again but am headed down this year at Easter because it was the only time that worked…I figured I’d rather be crowded in Mexico than have lots of space at home ;DChoose an AI that has adequate facilities for the number of guests it can accommodate (some really don’t!), and you’ll be fine.

Happy travels!

I have to agree too that P.V. has the best sunsets!

i am trying to post a pic but seem to be having difficulties? what do i need to do?

Are you uploading pics from your computer, or linking to an online photo?

I really enjoy the Clase Azul Platino or Reposado – discovered that the stopper on the Repo is an actually bell! Ding ding ding! Unusual taste unlike anything I’ve ever tried and quite addicting. Hoardworthy!!!Anejos in the 40-45US range: Los Tres Tonos anejo, Afamado, Aha Toro and Alma de Mujer. The Aha Toro Anejo I bought had a small 2 oz Reposado sample bottle shrink wrapped on it, so that was a nice bonus. Alma de Mujer and El Gran Jubileo were recommended to me by the lady at Tequila Town in PDC on Contituyentes, and she knows her stuff – they were really awesome. I would have loved to buy some Fortaleza Anejo but ran out of money. It has a gorgeous antique looking bottle with the stopper shaped like the heart of the agave, a "pina". Ranges from 41 for the blanco to 56 for the anejo.I bought Casa Noble Single Barrel for 108 US – it is awesome – I try to bring back one really high end one per trip. It’s on display on my kitchen counter. Some day would like to bring back Pechoca or Corrido, they are 80-90 US range IIRC.I KNOW you will be bringing back La Pinta!!! Man, that is some tasty stuff. And it is made by the Clase Azul people, so you know it’s made with love. Sweet sweet agave love…. mmmm.I have not enjoyed: Siete Leguas, Gran Centenario, Cava Antigua, and (obviously!) anything mixto. Others may enjoy those tequilas, but they did nothing for me. Once you taste a good tequila that lights up your soul, it feels like a waste of time to drink one that is just "meh".I did bring home a 375 of Maestro Tequilero Blanco and it was bright, peppery and enjoyable. I know YVRck brought back some Maestro Anejo and would love to hear her report on that.and after all that tequila talk…OH MY HECK, AM I EVER MISSIN’ MEXICO!!!!

Copied and pasted. I now have a file on my computer called "eloisegirl tips". I will probably PM you when I get back, 3 sheets to the wind from tasting all my new tequilas ;D

We took our son backpacking in Europe for just over a month, in May/June. He was in grade 6 at the time. His teacher was wonderful – she came-up with some trip-related work for him to do on his travels (journal writing, class presentation when he came home). Travel IS education, and your little one will be better for it! I wouldn’t even hesitate to do it, especially in Kindergarten…And if the teachers give you any grief over it, just tell them your travel forum buddies made you do it ;D ;D
They are Mexican pumpkin seeds (or so I’ve been told…) and Maria roasts them herself in her own special concoction of spices, then walks the beach and sells them for 20 pesos. They are heavenly with a cold cerveza! I think they’d be good with tequila too…the nutty flavours would maybe enhance the earthiness of the tequila, yes no? Guess you’ll have to come to Isla and try it so you can report back to us

I used to live in London, Ontario and we did have a drive-thru Beer Store…right around the corner from our house! I still wonder why we moved!

While you are here…I’d liked to search out a new tequila this trip, something different. Any recommendations eloisegirl?

better watch out Jake, Floyd got his new golf clubs Callaway Diablo edge irons and he is going to be a force to be reckoned with… you better stay on the beach… The 2 month count down is on now. whooo hooo

how do you guys pry him away from the rib stand long enough to get him on the golf course, lol?! ;D

I’m dying to try La Vida Dulce – place gets rave reviews across the board, huh?! I haven’t yet because I’m afraid I’ll miss the pool too much. We spend almost all of our time on the beach, but I love taking a dip in the pool in the morning and again when we get back from the beach at the end of the day. Did you find you missed having a pool at all?I just booked Almendros again – I keep saying I’ll try something different next trip but I just love that place!

Ahhhhhh, Huatulco! I saw you guys chatting about it on the Mex forum and ended up reading reviews for a few hours…I really like the looks of that Castillo you stayed at…seems to be a nice alternative to the mega resort thing. Ever see it go on sale? Looking forward to hearing about your Crown Pacific trip when you return…saw some nice pricing on that one!

Can we do this again?! Would love to see some more of your pics, to help with the draggy countdown (61 sleeps)

This edition: An afternoon on Isla Mujeres

Lunch on Playa Lancheros, Isla Mujeres – home of the (world?) famous Tikinchik fish fillet…

…on to the drive-thru beer store in our trusty golf cart (does life get any better than this??)…

…followed by a visit to Garrafon to enjoy the glorious view…

…then return to Playa Norte to find the lovely Maria and purchase some of her yummy pepitas…

…sit back, relax, and enjoy

Your turn!

Hi spike!Not sure yet, just booked flights and transfers to Puerto Juarez so far. Are you traveling this year?

Hope all is well with you

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