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This could be of interest to me too…i’d like to know if it’s as expensive as Saint Barthélemy

We have been there and it is beautiful but $$$$$$$$$. A beer and a cocktail was over $20 US and that was 4 years ago. Saw where David Letterman lives (that’s what the driver told us) but Dave didn’t come out and offer us a tour. Boat ride from St. M was a bit rough. A few people made use of the "B" bags on the ferry. We were on a beach and it was about a mile long and there was just my husband and I and 3 other girls farther up. Yes they were totally naked as that is the way it is. NO, we did not partake!
As said earlier, if $$$ are not a worry, GO FOR IT!

Interesting…could think about it

Thanks for the suggestions! Can Americans travel to Cuba now? I would love that! Maldives look awesome too. Is it $$$$ there? We are on a tight budget this year- two kids getting married. Americans always could travel to Cuba… far as Cuba is concerned you would be welcome. It’s coming back to the U.S. that could cause you grief. Many Americans travel to Cuba via Mexico or Canada every year. The Cubans are cooperative and don’t stamp your passport, so there is no record of your visit when you return to the States. And yes, I think the Maldives are big bucks. Cuba, OTOH, is cheap!

Thanks i was looking for these infos

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