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We love to get off the resort and see the locals and attractions.Love hiking, nature, ATV’s, zip lines ,rafting etc.

Have found some links, any suggestions for "must see" attractions in the area?

When you get off the ship you’ll be right downtown in 7 mile beach. I recall a few of the souvenir shops having free internet for cruise ship people, can’t recall an internet cafe.

– yes for U.S. coins- bunch of tours available thru resort( waterfalls, flower route, coffee plantation, volcano,arts and crafts and others I can’t remember), most in $40-75 range, availability depends on if enough people sign up– if you ask around you can probably find an employee to take you around on a day off-that’s what we did with 2 other couples, took a taxi to Sonsonate one day as well sorry can’t remember cost $30 maybe?-not much selection close by for off resort dining we could find, we ate at a Mexican restaurant in the mountains while on our own "tour"- didn’t do much snorkeling, not a lot to see there I didn’t think

have fun, we did, locals are very friendly

The beach was fine, really long. We did some side trips through the resort and on our own. Both were fun, you have to work a little to go on your own, the taxi drivers don’t speak english and you have to get the lobby to phone for one. We found an employee (bartender William) who spoke english and got him to be our tour guide on his day off, a great trip.

We brought toys, make up, t shirts etc for tips to hotel staff and for kids in the villages, all without a problem, they loved it!

Water was fine, not much hot when everyone was in shower before dinner.

We also did Decameron in Panama and San Andres, El Salvador is similar and very nice. We had a great time, only drawback was 2 hour bus ride from airport.

We finally posted our review a while back. Tried to post pics as well but it didn’t work. I’ve tried playing around with posting the pics on the net which is all new to me.

PM me if you would like a link to our pics, be warned though there are a lot of them.

Normal like at home ( Ontario ) not sure what that number is. We were able to plug our stuff into the outlets in the room ( blow dryer, battery charger etc.)

Reh, beach is long good for walking, no Clamato for caesars bring your own in checked luggage and get vodka here, going to try the bikes in an hour.

food and drinks good, same as other countries.

Hi all!! A quick note from El Salvador, we arrived last night, it is very hot here about 30 degrees, resort is lovely, people at resort very friendly.Construction– we did see they are building a new building at one end of the resort, should not be a problem, we only found it when taking a long walk on beach away from the resort.Airport is very organized here we were off the plane and on a bus in about 20 minsOnly minor negatives so far if had to find some are long bus ride to resort- about 2 hours- nice scenery though and no fridge in roomTo those coming DONĀ“T WORRY!! This place is great.

Will post more info upon return home.

reh, yes we did we watched it after your post and snagged it last week at $897. I have seen some of the info on Trip Advisor. I found a guy on their forum who seems to have some good info, I have been emailing him questions. PM me if you want his email.

We are lucky, we can fit our schedule around the departure day. As far as the review, not sure yet if we will be able to post one as their is no category for reviews of El Salvador. Hopefully if we email Debbie’s we’ll be the first!!
I guess it’s just the three of us on this board!By any chance have either of you seen any info about a "carnival festival" in El Salvador?I think I saw something a while back saying there was one in late November/early December in San Miguel. Can’t find it again since.Thanks
Reh, we are doing two weeks there so we won’t be returning until the 30th. By the way thanks for you’re earlier post about the price at Decameron, we had been thinking El Salvador or Honduras but when we saw you’re post with the 2 week price we looked at El Salvador big time!

We will post info if possible while in El Salvador if there is anything that jumps out at us as info you will need, let me know if there is something specific we can try to let you know about when down there. Not sure about internet access there though.

Hi all, I just booked for the Decameron Salinitas in November.Does anyone know where I could find a map of the resort?How about an email address for the resort for room requests?


We did the Atv’s in Nov 04. We absolutely loved it!! I don’t think our review of Decameron is still up. I can’t remember what it cost but we went for a couple hours I think. Rode through little town near resort then beach, up into the hills through fields, streams villages etc. More ripping around on a long beach. Just us and 1 guide, did whatever we wanted.

Highly recommend the ATV’s if you love to ride!!

When the weathers hot and the beer’s cold you can stomach one! I agree not the best but ok, I found if you got Atlas in a can, from a store or something it was ok, not sure but I think they had cans in the room fridge?

Didn’t see any seagulls, one tip though do not leave your food unattended, the birds will swoop in real fast and help themselves to some of your dinner then fly off before you get back from getting a drink or whatever.

We went to Gamboa and Royal Decameron in Nov 04, had no trouble, did the Emberra Indian tour, jungle boat tour, and while in Gamboa hiked in the jungle every day, even getting lost trying to find a "secret" trail to the top of the hill instead of the cable car. Never got sick.

Looking at traveling to Curacao this winter.Any suggestions as to the best time to go with regards to price? I gather the weather is pretty constant, we can be flexible about when we go, so just wondering about scoring the best deal.We are looking at 2 weeks, have used the internet in the past to book anywhere from a couple months to a couple days before departure hoping to get a deal.

No sorry I don’t, I think our tickets said by mid or late November. I would say well into December at least from what I saw, they are doing a lot of work.

I understand that, we left the resort entirely for three days and spent some time at the beach and left for lunch and dinner a few times, but we did have most of three days at the resort itself.

Well, lot’s of small things but the big ones were from the construction. Because of it only the buffet restaurant and snack bar are open, no a la carte’s, one pool, no lobby, construction everywhere in the villas section- garbage, tools, workers everywhere from 6 a.m. to 5p.m. building new villas using power tools (drills, concrete saws, tile saws etc) and driving dump trucks and Bobcat style machines around. I usually get up around 6:30 anyway but a lot of folks didn’t appreciate this "wake up call".Also because of flight changes we arrived at approx noon and were told that our stay did not start till 3 p.m. so our rooms wouldn’t be available till then and we would have to pay for food and drinks until 3 p.m.I tried to stay upbeat but after a few days things really wore me down. Everybody was commenting on things, you had to leave the resort to feel good about being on vacation.

I’m used to traveling on a budget and don’t expect the world when getting a decent price for a three and half star but this was tough.

Hello, just returned last night from Villa’s Sol.Country- amazingStaff-greatWeather- hot and sunnyVilla’s Sol- big disappointmentHope to post a review soon.I’ll watch this thread if anybody has questions or PM me.

Same thing happened to us for the flight tomorrow ( Nov 26 ) they changed ours about a week ago. We had booked Sunquest/Skyservice and paid more as there flight was direct and Sunwing was not. Then they changed it last minute and when we complained they all just said "too bad, subject to change"

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