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Food and drink prices are comparable to the U.S. Prices in grocery stores are also reasonable. The last time we stayed at Mary’s Boon which had a kitchenette so we had breakfast and sometimes lunch at the hotel. We splurged one night and spent $200 on a gourmet French meal but overall like I say prices were not bad.
You can even eat at McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway etc. if that’s what floats your boat.

The south end of Mullet Bay has some nice natural shade under the sea grape trees. There is also shade at Happy Bay however most people rent umbrellas and chairs from vendors on the beach for $15 per day/couple. Being frugal though we bought cheap chairs and umbrellas and brought them to the beach. At the end of our trip we left them at the hotel.

I can’t see any way that a trip to the DR could best St. Martin/St. Maarten. I have vacationed in both places and I must say St. Martin takes the upper hand. You have the opportunity to view two different cultures, dine on some of the best cuisine in the world, swim on many wonderful beaches and be in range of several other interesting islands.

DreamingofParadiseAlwayZ ,
It is best to look at the date of a post before responding. A year late is rather useless. But then again I see that you stayed at the Maho so that explains alot.

You’re welcome. Now to just add my opinion.coldest beer – Heineken in my coolerbest beach bar – SSBBbest beach to spend the day at – Happybest beach to snorkel – Pinel Islandbest place to buy groceries – Grande Marchébest "high dollar" meal – Le Montmartre best day trip – Anguilla Shoal Baybest hotel – Mary’s Boon (I’m not just agreeing with Conde Nast)my favorite way to spend the day – on a beach with a cold Heineken

We flew over for a day last week. I thoroughly enjoyed the flight but my wife was a bit on edge. We rented a car and after visiting several other beaches we ended up where we had started sur Plage St Jean. We had lunch on the beach and we spent the afternoon soaking up the sun on the west end of the beach. All in all a very nice island but terribly expensive.

There are many hotels on St Barts but I have never stayed at any of them. There are 3 ways of getting there the first is a flight from St Martin, next is a charter boat from St Martin and finally the regular ferry nicknamed the vomet comet from Marigot in St Martin.

St Bathelemy or "St Barts" Isle de St. Barthélemy is located at 18°N, 63°W, in the northeastern corner of the Caribbean Sea, 4400 miles from Paris, 1700 miles from New York, 125 miles east from Puerto Rico, and 15 miles southeast from St. Maarten. It is small, a little more than eight square miles. Steep hills divide the island into several valleys, usually open on one side to the sea. Each valley is distinctive, with unique variations of topography, flora, density of settlement, and character of architecture. This creates the illusion of being in a much larger place. The shoreline includes fourteen beaches of various sizes, all covered with gleaming white sand. Many are protected from ocean swells by a fringing reef; all, by law, are public and free. Several offshore areas are included in a Marine Reserve. The climate is arid tropical maritime, which means that it rarely rains, and that year round temperatures range from 72° to 86° Fahrenheit. There is one town, and a dozen villages, distributed more or less evenly over the landscape.

Do you want to know anything else?

It depends on what you are looking for. Anguilla’s motto is "Tranquility Wrapped in Blue" and it is a fairly quiet place.

Thought I would start a new thread and mention some must do things to do and see.First is Shoal Bay East for the sand and the beach bars. Uncle Ernie’s on Shoal Bay is popular but many prefer Gwen’s for the real barbecue or Ernies 2 for the lower prices.Close to Shoal Bay is Scilly Cay with an interesting but expensive lobster meal. Scilly Cay is a small island near the village of Island Harbour. Guests take a boat ride out to the Cay for lobster, chicken and the famous rum punch.The Pyratt rum factory in Sandy Ground is an interesting diversion. Here specially aged rums are blended and available for tasting.Bankie Banxs Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay is described as the funkiest beach bar in the Caribbean. It is an eclectic mix old fishing boats, platforms and driftwood. Sort of like a fort Peter Pan would have lived in. When Bankie isn’t there Elvis is around and if you are down he will make you a cup of tea to boost your energy. Or have some of Bankie’s famous Dune Shine, aka the Enlightening Aphrodisiac.

This is just a start and I hope others will add there thoughts

I just read a review on an Anguilla page by a person who had been to Tahiti. She said the food on Tahiti was very expensive but not very pleasant.

I imagine a trip to Tahiti is less expensive from the left coast than from Ottawa

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