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funny saw that just last night on Dragon’s Den……

We normally travel late May or early June….. both for schedule reasons but also pricing is normally good. This year the pricing seems quite high. At least for the Holguin area…. Anyone else notice this?

it is one thing (& I do not agree with it) to impose an embargo on Americans as it was the elected American Politicians that imposed the embargo. But bullying tactics on others, not Americans is just that being a bully. Commerce as it pertains to Cuban products, Cuban travel…a bit more dicey as there is a chance that if followed to the letter PayPal US could have a fine. But PayPal Canada is by it’s name implying it is a Canadian operation…therefore NOT obligated to follow another (illegal I should add) ploy to bully Cuba.

Well …… Playa Costa Verde would work – nice resort would workas would Memories Holguin – but uncertain about their food as have not stayed there.

And depending on the # going ….if more than 10 often you can get a "group" rate which will drop the rate a bit.

Canadian $’s are best ….no coins not even loonies or twoonies but you end up loosing on the exchange (game) when you use US money….if you are Canadian

There is a nice ecological park just behind Lunes/Mares that has a nice self/guided walk… 1st time we went we kept hearing loud noises but saw nothing until about 1/2 way through there it was….hermit crabs. The leaves were so dry that even these wee fellow walking in and under them sounded like an animal the size of a raccoon running through the under-brush.

Nicely laid out, great view of the beach at the 2 lookouts. worth the 5 cuc to have some time in an undeveloped (other than the trail) area. wear shoes that you can walk on uneven terrain.

Talk to strangers….. Met Terry that way in Florida many years ago this way.

BigJohn …. you are killing me with envy

Fun & safe travels ….

These are a couple of years old. But at low tide remarkable beach ( this was in front of Melia Cayo Guillermo) at high tide Melia has a bit more usable beach than Sol & Iberosatar a bit more.high tide

Low tide

Who do you usually fly with? You might be able to make arrangements to go to Sol then upgrade to Melia if you want a slightly better resort.

yes… a few years back.MCG might be a AirTransat exclusive

We have stayed at Melia Cayo Guillermo next door to Sol… We liked it. We found the beach there a bit nicer than @ Sol and the property also nicer. Many people do like Sol but for us Melia was a better choice.

I wonder if another plan of attack is to go to an All Inclusive for the 1st week.

Chat around a few of the locals and other guests and Taxi drivers until you feel more comfortable. Then venture out on your own. As Terry says not a scary place, but this might give you a bit more comfort. There are some very reasonable, clean resorts that would not break the bank, but still allow local insight.

None of the snakes or other kritters are poisonous. Not to say if you have a heart, liver or kidney problem or allergy it would not cause problems. But none are alone lethal.

Terry can offer amazing sound advice….. the only thing I can add is that Telus has excellent "Cuba" packages for your phone.

Bev was camera shy and is not in my pictures…I have gone back to 2008 and cannot find any that show him well

saw this on Facebook …just might try it for 2015. One fellow used the 365 slips of paper to adorn his Christmas tree.

As OP…. my initial intent was not to shame the poor saps that get held up by customs or legit reasons. Only the idiots that get lost in the bar….or wherever, and are ….by their own actions holding up others.

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