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In the past after we fly I would take my luggage to the local rec/hockey store that had a "Gear Clean" franchise and the bags would get ozonated and come back smelling and looking good. Sadly the store is no longer there…… so what do you do with your luggage after a trip? looking for suggestions ………

My understanding is the taxes are the airport tax. so if you take-off once and land once the stay of 4 days, 2 weeks or a month would all be the same. If I am reading it correctly…. the variation of 4 days or the week might have been an anomaly of the specific day

Many thanks …..

And just a thought ….with the length of time you are going…. casa or resort is not an either or situation….many resorts will let you purchase a night or 2 right at the front desk if they are not full.


We usually bring one or 2 bars of high quality chocolate, often sea-salt infused bars for that in the room mid afternoon pick-me-up.

DT…. in a wee explanation it was after 2 major named storms hit the area and food was in such shortage that bringing down some basics (rice & beans) I thought would actually be preferred as a hostess gift. They had told me their food supplies were desperately low, so I was trying to accommodate them and offer even a bit extra. Hay and if our trees were wiped out in an ice storm I would take maple syrup from New York State. …but I do get your overall comment,

we have had beans and rice taken even though they were in sealed packages. We were visiting friends at their home after a named storm and thought this would be a nice house gift. all was taken when we arrived. (kidney beans, rice, chick peas & one other legume bag…… all small bags ….all gone. I actually felt bad for the agent as it was not his choice but his boss, and you could see that it was not his choice, but the orders that were given to him.

Exactly Mad……… yes B&E is criminal.. but we had someone get into our room …….. they mixed up their room # lost or forgot their key and the front desk (it was late) gave then a new key (without confirming their room # )…. to our room. The mix-up was corrected and only a bit of sleep was lost……. and new procedures were put in place for new key access at the hotel so it would not happen again.

I agree with Mad on this.

I will add that ……. While traumatic it might have been a wrong room the intruder entered and not intentionally your cousin’s room at all. Still there SHOULD be some more care and concern on the part of the rep for the incident. Also depending on the resort they are staying with if a Spanish resort then ask to chat with the GM and share with them the request to be moved to a 2nd story room. You also have the Canadian consulate rep in Guadalavaca as a last resort. But it sounds like nothing was taken so other than the scare…. there is no crime.

love the street salsa dancing scenes

very glad to hear from You DT!! Glad you are here.

Royal is all okay. The pool there is new.

And yes the PRDO pool is a ‘Cement Pond’ . Not certain why they would tile….the paint lasted 15 years (?) do not think tiles will last as long. I suggested they do a pattern in the paint. That way if the colour starts to age… would not see it as you do now

not bad link but for some reason the word F a s c i s t gets scrambled

they painted the pool last summer but that was only intended as a band-aid. this year they are intending on tiling the surface. Will keep you all informed as I find out titled ~ 7 f a s c i s t regimes enthusiastically supported by America

interesting…….. just putting it out there as something interesting to read…. uncertain about the source have good fact-checkers.

last year they accomplished all 2 weeks early, so I think they are good on timing (weather can always throw a wrench into planning thought). But the pool will look wonderful come September.

As many of you know we are repeat visitors to this wonderful resort. Last summer they closed the pool for 4 or 5 weeks in July & Aug (I believe) to do pool repairs. The resort stayed open and people who wanted pool time could use Lunes/Mares next door and a shuttle was set up to accommodate, along with use of the pool snack-bar and bar. This year they will be closing the pool, I hear to tile the base, and continue any repairs not completed last summer starting in June and is listed as June to August. Thomas Cook from the UK has stopped selling the property over the summer because of this. It is still being sold with Canadian sellers.

I fear it will a really, really low season. Tourists will have rotating shut-down of a la carte and less variety of food at buffet……. sad state, even if unavoidable for pool repairs. Sad for the staff as unlike some 100% Cuban places the staff here are sent home until the #’s are up. Typically the rates reflect the lack of variety but so far I have seen nothing dropping, so even a Canadian enticer is not being offered. Interesting summer for PRDO.

the service can be so very slow, and at best inconsistent….this IS interesting how it would work

The delay in return does not surprise me. There is not a daily flight there by A/C so they either waited for the next trip down or had to make cargo arrangements with other carriers.

Good time to remind all to also put full address, itinerary and contact information INSIDE each piece of your luggage.

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