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I have read on another site that the beach at Playa Blanca can be extremely windy with allot of waves.

Does anyone know if this is the case during the month of June? Generally the Caribbean sea is calmer during the summer months.

we are leaving on June 13 and I have just sent an email requesting a bungalow. I hope they respond just as fast.

Thanks everyone, we have booked could not pass up the price $735.00 taxes in 1 week for Playa Blanco (former Barcelo). The only downside is that the flight (can jet) has 1 stop in St Lucia otherwise we arrive in Cayo at 8pm.

Hello everyone,Hola Sun is offering Cayo Largo out of Toronto this summer for a great price. I want to book my trip but have reservations of booking with Hola Sun. Can anyone please provide feedback.


My wife and I stayed at the Solymar about 7 years back (when we were in our early twenties) and had a great time. Lot’s of night life.

Thanks Wendy!

You are absolutely right, we go to CUBA for the beaches not the food. After all, we paid $375.00 plus tax I think we will get bang for our back regardless.

Hello everyone,

After reading mixed reviews over the last couple of weeks we finally decided and booked the Blue Bay Cayo Coco. Sunwing really dropped their prices and we are hope that we are getting good value for what we paid. This will be our fifth trip to Cuba so we know we are getting 5 star beaches we just hope the food is decent. Has anyone returned from the Blue Bay recently?

I last traveled with Skyservice in June 08, destination Holguin and yes they strictly enforce this.

You can access a few bars as soon as you get through your gate.

Thanks Dan, I agree with the food in Holguin but seeing as we are beach people I think this will give us the best of both worlds.
Okay, so 2009 will be our ten year anniversary and we decided that we will return to our beloved CUBA!I have read several threads on the Royal Hideaway and it looks comparable to a Sandals and ultimately this is why we chose Cuba.

We have visited Varadero, Cayo Coco and Holguin, the beaches are outstanding in CUBA in general so we are not worried in that department. However, the food in Hoguin was better that the other two destinations. How does the Royal Hideaway stack up?

Correct me if I am wrong but is Sunwing not owned by Red Seal Vacations. They have been in business for almost 30 years.

right bside St. Martin.

Sol Melia does the same and I am wondering if this is due to the USA market?

I would have to say the price we got for this August, 2 weeks at the OGPT $1250.00 taxes included.

lesab33, I am glad to hear you enjoyed the Holguin area. Our last trip to Cuba we stayed at the Blau Cayo Coco and my wife is using our August trip to Holguin as Cuba’s last chance to impress.

Skyservice, Air transat and West Jet charter each others planes although, each operates under separate tour operators.

You will notice this during the summer months because a majority of their aircraft are used for European flights.

Cubaisgreat, I know exactly what you`re talking about…they all seem to have pretty much the same prices to me. I shopped around for my trip in April this year and the prices all seemed to be within a few dollars of each other. I went with selloffvacations because they have an office here in town and they would match any price but I think the cheaper one was only about $12. If there is someone out there who is giving real deals compared to the others, then please tell me about it!!!

The prices are the same offered my all of the main operators and I think the reason for this is that the major tour operators have purchased these large agents. For example selloffvacations is owned by Signature exitnow is owned by Air Transat/Noli.

Annm beat me to it, we use

I also have found that has the best prices. Having said that my agent is at and always matches or beats the price.

What is the Mosquito situation in Holguin during the month of August?

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