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Just wondering what rooms will provide the best views for seeing the sun setting. Also, I’ve read alot of reviews where it is stated that there is alot of noise when staying in the Tower rooms. Can anyone comment on how much noise can be heard when staying on the 5th floor.


Hi stingray. Yep, we were there last year and loved it. Had a really good time. Looking forward to our 2 weeks again this year.

We are going down on the 9th and will be returning with you on the 23rd.
Can’t wait….2 weeks from today!

Does anyone have any experience with Cuscatlan Tours? I have been in contact with them regarding a couple of their tours and was wondering if anyone else has booked a tour with them. If so, how was your experience?
Any info is appreciated.

My husband and I were at the Salinitas last year for 2 weeks in February. I am a bug bite magnet and I am happy to report I left with only afew bites on me.

Feb 9th-23rd for us!…..we were there last year and are returning–I’m sure you’ll love it as much as we did!P.S. Feb 2nd departure for two weeks out of Toronto is showing as sold out.

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Is the 4 storey building first then the 6 story on the very end? Also, did the Decameron hotel expand the pool so that it is front of these new buildings?

My husband and I are planning on staying here in Feb. ’08. We would like a room in one of the towers with the bigger balconies. Can anyone explain to me where about on the property these buildings are located. I tried looking at it on google earth but it is difficult to figure out. Can anyone tell me the order of the towers ( i.e. tower 1, 2, 3, 4) from right to left (as if you were looking towards the resort with your back to the ocean)Also, where is the disco located because I would prefer a room where the disco won’t keep me up into the early morning hours.Any help is appreciated.Thanks
For those of you interested, my review of Fantasy Island is now posted under the reviews section of the website. Hola CaribbeanqueenI was just reading your review of Fantasy Island and I have a couple of questions.First of all I was wondering how you booked your vacation package? Did you do it yourself via internet or did you go through a Scuba Diving Holiday booking agent?.I booked my vacation through a Scuba Holiday booking agent but I would like to book another way if that is possible?! Can you get last minute packages and travel arrangements?.Did you leave the resort at all and go shopping into Coxen Hole or the West End?. If so how did you get there and what was the cost?.Thanks,Freedom Ryder 8-)……………. We booked through our regular travel agent. Fantasy Island Resort is listed in the Nolitours brochure. We booked back in the fall (October I believe). For us, it’s not really practical to book last minute since two week holidays seem difficult to come by on sell-offs, and if they were available, the cost savings would probably be eaten up by the additional airfare we would have to pay to get to Toronto without an advance booking.We went shopping in Coxen Hole. imo, the best way to get from FI to CH is by walking out to the road, and getting a cab. You’ll get a good rate if you ask the driver "collectivo?" meaning he’ll take you to CH, but may pick up and drop off people along the way. We got lucky and were able to get a collectivo cab at the FI gatehouse, and got to CH for $5 for the two of us. On the way back from downtown CH, we bargained down to $10-could have probably got it for a little less, but we were satisfied with that amount. If you are travelling with another person, ensure that the fare you agree to is "por dos". It is best to go to CH on a cruise ship day as there are many sidewalk shops open (which we heard from another couple were closed on non-cruise ship days).There are two main grocery stores on the island which are ideal for picking up your duty free liquor, cigarettes, coffee etc to bring back. By far the better of the two is "Warren’s" in CH (the other being "Eldon’s" on the main road at the French Harbour turnoff). Warren’s had a larger selection and better prices. Our great "Find" was Honduran hot-sauce (about $0.35 for a small 90 ml bottle and $0.75 for a larger 150 ml bottle) for different varieties. Any other ?’s….just askSaludCaribbean Queen y Cerveza Man
The no see-ums are there, so are the mosquitos. I read somewhere that if you do a regime of Vitamin B and odourless garlic 2 weeks before and during your trip it helps ward off the bites.I am a magnet for bug bites and I did the vitamin and garlic thing before and during our trip. I did get bit but it was very manageable. I used deep woods off when going for my walks around the island as well as in the morning when I played tennis. When I did get bit I used stop itch and had a hydrocortisone gel with cooling menthol. Someone I met while down there used the band-aid stop itch spray. It had a cooling effect also which helps with the itch.HOpe this helps.


Hello all,My husband and I just got back on Feb. 17th from Fantasy Island resort. We were there for 2 weeks and absolutely loved it. We are not divers and found it to be a great relaxing holiday. The food was great and the people are very friendly. I will post a more extensive review shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions ask away.


Has anyone done the dolphin encounter at Anthony’s Key resort? Just wondering if we allowed to take our own pictures while there both in and/or out of the water or are the only keepsake pics you can get (buy), are the ones they take of you with the dolphins?I’d love to hear of anyones experience with the dolphins. We are looking at doing this while in Roatan.Thanks
Can anyone tell me if there are hairdryers in the rooms? Just figuring out my packing list and was wondering if I needed to bring my own.Has anyone been there recently? If so, how did you enjoy your stay?My husband and I leave for FI on Feb. 3rd……can’t wait.Thanks,
My husband and I will be staying at the Fantasy Island resort in Feb. Just wondering if anyone travelled on the local bus into the town of Coxen Hole? If so, how was your experience.I have heard many stories of cab drivers charging an arm and a leg for their services. Just wondering if anyone here felt like they got "ripped off" with a cab ride. What sort of prices have people been paying to get from FI to Coxen Hole?Also, in regards to shopping in Coxen Hole…..we are looking for vendors with small stores (almost like an open air market atmosphere) to buy souveniers. Can anyone advise as to where in Coxen Hole we would find shops like that?Thanks
Can anyone tell me if there are ocean view rooms at the Fantasy Island resort. My husband and I are thinking about heading there the first 2 weeks in Feb. Thanks

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We flew to Playa Tambor from San Jose but it was included with our trip package, so as far as cost goes I’m not sure what is was. We flew with Sansa airlines. While at the Barcelo Playa Tambor we hired a private driver to take us from the hotel to the Arenal Volcano and all I can say is I’m glad we had a driver ’cause the roads are horrible. Huge potholes, washed out bridges, ect….and that was just the drive from the hotel to Paquera where we caught the ferry.

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