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Does anyone know where one can purchase water shoes in Canada? I live in Kitchener, and have tried various sports stores such as Sportchek with no luck.I had read either on this forum or another how someone had stepped on a sea urchin while walking in the water at a Caribbean beach. I obviously want to eliminate this hazard if possible.
Hello,Does anyone know what the electricity is in the Sandals Grande St. Lucia? I am looking to use North American 2 prong electrical cables for both charging batteries for a digital camera as well as for an electrical shaver.Do I require a voltage converter and or plug adapters?
My wife and I will be staying in the Sandals Grande St. Lucia on March 20 and would like to know more about making restaurant reservations. Is there usually a line up to make the reservations?I had read that people suggest making all reservations on the day that one arrives at the resort. Is this the best way of doing it? Also how crowded are the resorts at this time (March)?Is there anyway of making reservations in advance prior to departure, for example online? I haven’t seen this option on the Sandals website.
My wife and I are interested in taking both the "Party Sunset Cruise" as well as the "Soufriere Day Sail" and would like to know how we can pay for this. Does the Sandals Grande accept either Visa or Mastercard to pay for this or strictly US dollars?What about US travellers cheques, are they accepted?

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