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Sorry folks, I was mistaken when i said that Cubans called me through Skype. They called using VOIP.
The people that communicate with me have part-time internet available to them from friends/family that have an internet account at work.

Actually, Cubaking the product that i have seen , "KERMATO" is produced by Libby’s in Mexico.

Have Cubans often call me through skype from their home computers or laptops, and the sound is good except for the fact that sometimes there is an echo. I also have to wait 4 or 5 seconds after they finish talking before answering or they don’t hearthe first few words of what i have said.

Grocery stores and convenience stores(sometimes).The product is usually sold in cans under the name "KERMATO".

Actually, Los Galeones is not closed. And, only suffered minor damage from hurricane Sandy. It has been full of young people for the past 3 months or so. The resort is being used as a rehabilitation center for Venezuelan addicts. It was supposed to open for tourists at the end of December, but Cubanacan ( the owners of the hotel) changed their mind.

We are planning to go to Tortolla in December,and are looking for the most direct (and of course economical )way to get there without flying from or into the US or its possessions.IE: US Virgin Islands.

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