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There was some chair reserving going on but I always saw empty loungers around the pools or at the beach. The water temp in the pool was fine for me , but some in the group found it on the cold side. Either way , it was nice to see water that wasn’t frozen. lol

Sorry, but I don’t remember the opening times of the a la cartes or the buffet. I usually ate later in the evening.

I traveled with a group in January 11 and and quite a few did the zip line, deep sea fishing and golfing. The one I still hear about the most is the zip lining tour. I’m not sure of cost but the fishing and zip line were booked through the Air Transat rep. Not sure about the golf though.During the week the buffet has a Prime rib night. There will be a sign telling you when it will be. Get there early as they ran out ran out quickly when we were there.

Hope you enjoy the resort as much as we did.

The site I like to use when I don’t have an exact date is "". I did a quick check and found 3,4, and 5 day durations available in the DR , Mexico and Cuba. One thing I like about this site is that the price shown includes all taxes and surcharges. Go to their home page ( other options are available ) and select a country. Then , along the top select your options of "Duration" , "Meal Plan" and "Star Rating". From there you can select a destination, a hotel and then the durations of your trip.
Happy hunting.

Have you tried Google Earth or Wikimapia? Both show an aerial view of the hotel. You can get an general idea of the hotel layout, unfortunately the individual buildings aren’t identified.

Select the destination you want and then the hotel. Scroll down to the bottom of the last review posted and there is a link to "Old Reviews"

I just returned from a week in Huatulco , Mexico and wasn’t able to use the "Web Check-in" to book seats back to Toronto. Since returning I’ve discovered it is only available on the southbound portion of the trip. Too bad because it worked really well heading south.

Take a look on the back of the items that you are bringing and see if they’re dual voltage. On my last trip to Cuba ( Jan.09) I brought my electric razor and battery charger for my camera and both worked fine without an adapter. Both were dual voltage.

If you do want to exchange some money at the airport, it’s very easy. After you have finished with customs and have your luggage , go out the main door towards the parking lot. Turn left and go back inside into the departures area. The exchange windows are on your left about halfway along the wall. This is a very small airport so you don’t have far to walk.

Last year when I stayed at the Barlovento I went the Benny More bar a number of times.They made a pretty good mojito. This year I’m staying at the Arenas Blancas and am looking for suggestions of a bar/restaurant that make a good mojito at this end of town. Any ideas would be great! Thanks Dave

Signature Vacations has had their Star Class seating ( on Skyservice ) for approx. a month now. Has anyone tried it and how does it compare to Air Transats Club Class?

I checked five different sites and all have it listed as Cam. M Cuatro Palmas. (Cameleon Mercure Cuatro Palmas )

I have flown with Sunwing twice. The only complaint I have is the constant changing of flight times. Despite this, I’ve booked with them again this year. They seem to have the most reasonable prices.
The Sunwing rep at the hotel has always been pleasant and helpful.

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