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Flights from Ottawa normally stop mid-April and begin again at the end of November. You’ll need to go to Mtl to get the closest flight.

I second Terry’s suggestion. Although our private taxi broke down on the return to Varadero after our 2 nights stay in a casa, so maybe the bus might have been a better alternative for a first time visit. A lot of hand gestures and yelling in broken Spanish yielded a second cab out of the middle of nowhere -Santa Cruz del Norte
I am not sure that it is an "absolute" requirement, I would have to review the Canadian policy on this again but I do believe that Cubans are sometimes asked to prove that they have enough for their expenses while in Canada and/or money in the bank, particularly if their host has not provided a letter of invitation indicating they will cover all their guest’s expenses. I guess for me it would be a matter of how much I trust the person whether I fronted the money or not. I have only recently started looking into this process myself. We want our friend to have his best shot at getting approved and so have advised him to top up his bank account in Cuba as well to bring some money to spend here, although we will prepare a formal letter of invitation indicating we will cover his day to day expenses. If you don’t have a letter from your host indicating they will cover your expenses it makes sense that you will be asked to prove you have enough money to cover your visit and your return home if you don’t have a return ticket.As Terry says, I’m sure others will have recent experience and knowledge on this topic and provide more input.

Benni, am reading correctly that you had to show your proof of insurance papers? This is the first time I have heard of this.

I agree with everything said. Contact Pototo, and eat a good breakfast in the casa before you head out. Casa meals, while handy, are just home-cooked meals. There are sooo many fabulous restaurants and paladars now. Your friends should also be open to other areas of Havana and remain flexible.

Hope it works out for them.

It certainly got my attention! Esperro is adorable and I wish I was there to try to help him. I hope to get back to Havana next fall (too late, I know) and will try to take some stuff down to the vets. Keep up the great work, Terry.

Thanks guys-potato peeler is packed and hubby has gone out to pick up the clippers. Terry, he most definitely is getting the potato peeler first!
I have received a request from a friend in the countryside for a "maquina de pelar" I have not heard this before. A literal translation is a peeling machine, but what the heck is that. Could it be a potato peeler? I have taken those down before, so maybe…Ideas??

Good to hear! We’ve had a couple of clitches from time to time, and as Terry notes, if caught early enough most airlines will change the info with no problem. Always have each person check their own details when you receive your invoice as well as your etickets.

We had hoped to do another independent trip to Havana in Feb, but changed our mind when we looked at the exchange rate. If this continues, we as well will plan fewer independent trips.
These rates are UGLY! We leave for Holguin in 3 weeks (PCV)and this will likely curtail some of my planned activities such as eating at paladares. Why is it, I wonder, that prices for paladares are often much higher in Holguin than superior paladares in Havana? I can get a really good meal at Dona Eutimia for less than $7-10 CUCs while in Holguin they seem to charge $15 for something less

Good for you, Lenny. I hope it goes well. You are a truly wonderful man for doing all that you do for Cubans.

Selectivedi57, I can highly recommend Casa Tati Lopez in Centro Havana -on the main drag to Old Havana and situated right in the heart of the working class, i.e., not touristy. I have stayed there at least 4 times and am hoping to swing by for a couple of nights in Feb. You can check Tati’s review on the TA site.

Happy New Year to Debbie’s members and their families! May it be your best year yet!

Jeweller, we aren’t newbies to Cuba, having been 25 times mas o menos, however this was the first time using one of these. It was quite late at night and we really couldn’t see where we were going. I see "now that one of the runs is on Neptuno so we will use it in the future to get to the casa we use near the university. Oh, they knew we were regular "turistas, ja ja

Thanks!Do you just flag it down? In our case our Cuban host got it for us. I would definitely use one in the future.

We recently used what I call a "peso" taxi (Cuban friend called it a guagua) for Cubans in Havana from Cerro (not so safe) to Havana Vieja. I have heard/read that these taxis are not safe for the average tourist, in fact our dinner hosts were worried that we would arrive safely back at the hotel-we did, although hubby admits now that he was nervous. We did pay in CUCs to ensure arrival, jaja )Does anyone have any experience with these? Randy(rainbow) Terry (Cheers)
Merry Christmas to all the forum members, administrators, moderators and their families. Wishing peace and good health to everyone in the New Year!Saludos desde Ottawa


Good for you, CubaJack-I always screw it up. Your translation is pretty darn close, I think!

Wenwot, we are from Ottawa as well and have been down for 3 packs. It is a long drive but was a wonderful experience to participate and to meet some of the regular volunteers, and of course, John and Marion who are amazing individuals. It is great to know that sufficient regular volunteers are close by, but if you ever see a call out for volunteers, it would be an exceptional opportunity to see and be part of the effort.

Sorry for the screwed up response- I was trying to cut and paste from their site …:(

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