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I doubt that prices will decrease, at least not for a while. This is bonus time for the airlines. Maybe, just maybe, if the fuel prices stay low the charter companies will start to lower their prices a bit. I suppose that the "price drop guarantees" may discourage lower prices during certain time periods.

There are already quarantine centres in place for Cubans returning from Ebola affected countries. Each person knows that when they return, they will be quarantined for a minimum of 3 weeks, with no visits of family, friends, etc. Cuba has a very pro-active preventative health focus. Of course there are challenges and it isn’t perfect. Cuba hopefully learned from the transmission of cholera from its health professionals returning from Haiti.

That’s good news. I hope the system works!

The Ebola crisis is very concerning and while I’m not that sure that Canada can control any outbreak here, I’m wondering what is going to happen in Cuba when their contingent of health care workers return home from Africa. Ebola is a nasty virus and I suspect that it would be difficult to control if it got a foothold in Cuba, and because of the importance of the tourist trade any problems will probably be hushed up as long as possible.Being quarantined for a few weeks, even in Cuba, is not very appealing. Seems like a good year to wait until the last minute to book or maybe try a different location this year.

Warm, sunny tropical weather, nice beach, good meals, drinks & music, friendly staff, a relaxed pace at a not too busy resort and some interesting areas, birds, fish etc. to photograph.

Quit taking gifts many trips ago when most of the resort workers seemed to have better clothes, phones etc than I did. I’ve never seen a Cuban gardener wearing gloves – not available or not needed?

Great lizard pics. You must have a lot of patience to get some of those shots.
Love Cuban music but don’t at all like reggaeton. Too old I guess.

Our favorite resort has changed over the years. Tried a few places in Varadero but wasn’t impressed. Went to Blau Costa Verde in Holguin and liked it enough to return three times. During construction at BCV we went to PCV and it became our new favorite for a couple of years. This spring we went to the Paradisus RDO in Holguin and it is now our favorite. Unfortunately it is quite expensive so while we’d love to return it’ll depend on prices and our travel budget. While we love the PRDO now, twenty years ago we would have found it much too quiet.

Wow, 33C every day! I love the heat but a whole month of those temps might be too much – but with the cool temps we’ve had this summer I’d be willing to try.

Thanks for the info. I’ll try to get a bartender to make a Saoco for me next trip to Cuba.

That does sound like a refreshing summer drink. Is there a difference between coconut water and coconut milk?

Never had anything stolen, yet. Always zip-tie or lock our luggage. A little gob of glue in the zip-tie slot will prevent the tie from being removed then replaced.

Retiring in Cuba (at least for the winter months) would be an option if there was more to be had other than nice weather and beaches. Decent internet and TV service, more golf courses, retirement type communities with condos, shopping, restaurants, bars, theaters etc. I suppose it’s coming but not likely soon enough for me to take advantage of. Until then I’ll have to settle for a week or two at a resort.

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