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I have nothing to add except to say this thread has the best Subject Title since the forum rebooted. Cheers,Terry
Discussions about booze in Cuba are always "nicer" than those about food, gifting or towel wars. Love your avatar Terry.

Been to Cuba 11 times starting in 1980. We’re repeaters because it’s inexpensive, safe, nice beaches, short flights, nice people and relaxing. In a one week vacation per year we’re not looking to make any lasting friendships, absorb much Cuban culture or see the "real" Cuba.  No gifts, cash only for tips.
I’d love to meet Gorden sometime. I’d like to be able to put a person to the perception.

Every trip I buy an expensive rum (not available in Canada) and some less expensive different brands. I’ve got a nice collecton of Cuban rums and I’ve found that I really prefer some of the less expensive rums. IMO the Havana Club rums are overrated. This year I bought a bottle of Legendario because of the rave reviews on this site. I can see why it’s so popular, very sweet, smooth, easy to drink (more like a liquor) with a bit of ice, and it’s only about $8. I wish I’d brought back a few more bottles (especially if the plant is closing).Every year I look at the Havana Club Maximo, about $1500/btl, and as much as I would love to add it to my collection, I’ve been disappointed with other HC products so I won’t buy it unless I can try it first, which isn’t going to happen at a resort.

In my collection (Cuban) I’ve got Ron Santero, Ron Caney, Ron Santiago (11yr), Ron Mulato (15 yr), HC Barrel Proof, HC Gran Reserva (15 yr),HC Seleccion des Maestros, Ron Vigia (18 yr) & Legendario. It would be a bigger collection if I drank less rum or made more trips to Cuba.

I’ve been booking on-line for a few years now and haven’t yet had a problem. I monitor tripcentral daily and book when the prices tend to drop in mid January for late Feb. departure. This January drop usually only lasts a couple of days.

A bit off topic but I hope that we can keep this forum interesting and informative enough to attract lots of new members.
There are many knowledgeable members here who can answer almost any Cuba travel related question.

The PRDO is the only adults only resort in the area and it should remain that way.

What’s the current status on these buses? Do they have toilets and if so are they unlocked? On the last few bus trips to and from Holguin, the buses were quite nice and had a toilet but they’ve all been "out of order". If absolutely necessary the driver would pull over for a pit stop along the road. Am getting older now and can’t go more than 2 beers without a P.

Been going to 4* resorts for a few years but this year as a special treat we’re going to Paradisus Rio de Oro, a 5*. Next year it’ll be back to a 4* again, probably Playa Costa Verde.

Thanks Zee,
I’d love a mojito on the beach today and since Canuks doesn’t drink you can give me hers.

I don’t mind getting a few coins (maybe $10 worth) for bills at the airport when departing. It’s a simple transaction and as Canuks says, adds only a bit of extra weight in my pocket.

I think that Terry and eeeefarm have provided good advice for our new moderators. Hopefully everyone will stay within the posting guidelines and very little moderating will have to be done.

Got one for about $100 at Future Shop. So true about the LCD screens. Between the glare and non-prescription mask the camera becomes a real point and shoot, but its easy to take lots of pics and delete the bad ones later. Be sure and get a floaty or wrist strap for the camera.

Zee, I guess many of us are wondering what your plans are. Debbies was a popular Cuban travel site at one time and I hope that you’ll help to revive it. Obviously changes need to be made – maybe just a restart with some new moderators. It’s like a sports team – it’s easier to change the coach than a bunch of the players.

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