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I agree with Canuks that the PCV is an excellent resort if you opt for the Holguin area. It’s not an adult only but during the times we were there really weren’t a lot of kids. The beach isn’t long but there are paths along the shore past the BCV that are interesting to explore. Entertainment at the pool or beach was not at all overly loud or annoying and there are lots of places around the resort to just sit and relax.

Have only been in Jan., Feb. & March. Like to get a break from the winter and we usually get enough heat and humidity here in Ont. during the summer. Would like to have two trips south each winter but with the cost and a reluctant wife that hasn’t happened – yet.

Was there a few weeks ago and wish I was going back soon but unfortunately we won’t be returning untill next winter but would be willing to make a special trip if the price was right.

Anxiously awaiting to hear about your trip. Hope it was fun.

My first trip to Cuba was in 1980 (honeymoon) and we landed in Havana. While lining up at customs I watched the group in front of us get their luggage inspected. The agents were inspecting absolutely everything – toiletry bags were dumped out on a table etc. At this point I realized that I could be in serious trouble. I hadn’t used my toiletry travel bag for a few years and the last time had been a trip within Canada with some buddies and I thought that I may have left a tiny piece of hash wrapped in foil in the bag.
With thoughts of spending years in a Cuban prison the next few minutes seemed to last forever and needless to say I was scared sh@@less. When the agents got to our group we were whisked through with no searches at all. Seems that the group in front of us were from the USA and thus the special treatment. I really needed that first beer on the bus. (Turned out that there wasn’t anything illegal in the bag).

I actually prefer the Cuban ketchup but sometimes bring a few pkgs of white vinegar for french fries. I remember way back when the only available condiments were salt and pepper.

They look like they would be useful, especially for solo travelers who carry valuables (cameras, phone etc) to the pool or beach, or are at a resort or casa without a safe.

What a scary situation. Sure hope the remainder of their holiday is pleasant and uneventful. Which resort are they at?

I sympathize with those who have booked or will book the PRDO during this refurbishment and don’t find out until they arrive that the pool is closed. This is where booking through a reliable travel agent may save some major disappointments. It’s unlikely that the online booking sites will mention the pool closure.
We’ll be happily sitting around the pool in 21 days.

We’ve never had an issue with the food at any resort and have found the food to be improving every year. The best we’ve had so far was at the Paradisus Rio de Oro last year. The Blau Costa Verde and Playa Costa Verde also had good food, with the PCV a bit better.

No change for this winter but will have to wait and see what happens with the economy as well as any changes in Cuba before booking for next year.

I’ve heard that there is a mini zoo in the Guardalavaca area. Where exactly is it ? Does anyone have any details or pictures?

46 days to the PRDO in Holguin. -21C here today so I wish we were there now.

Just booked as well. Going to the PRDO in Holguin again in early March. We were hoping that prices would drop but after our preferred date dropped out we decided to book now. Looking forward to warmer weather, it’s -30 here today.

We were last on a bus one time and by the nasty looks from the passengers who had been waiting for 45 mins or so it was obvious that the Sunwing rep had not told the passengers why the delay. Our luggage didn’t appear on the carosel so we had to wait for a search of the luggage area, then forms had to be filled out.
IMO Sunwing should have let the bus leave then send us by cab later (at Sunwing’s expense since the delay wasn’t our fault).

I find the reviews will give a good overview of a resort and highlight any ongoing issues but the forums are more interesting and an ideal way to get specific information.

Can’t say that I’ve ever had a memorable Cuban sandwich but do enjoy having one at the airport with a last beer or two.

I’ll start at the bar, then read for a while, wander around a bit, back to the bar…

You should also be aware that sporting equipment bags are on the lower end of the pecking order. If cargo is full, sports bags will be left behind.
Wouldn’t want that to happen but a bit of snorkeling gear isn’t very heavy or large. Usually I put it in my suitcase but we’re hoping for a two week trip this winter so I might need the extra space.

Sunwing’s website says they allow an extra 5kg bag for snorkeling equipment consisting of fins and mask. I’m sure a snorkel would also be allowed but how about an inflatable snorkeling vest? Has anyone had any experiences with Sunwing about this?

I doubt that prices will decrease, at least not for a while. This is bonus time for the airlines. Maybe, just maybe, if the fuel prices stay low the charter companies will start to lower their prices a bit. I suppose that the "price drop guarantees" may discourage lower prices during certain time periods.

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