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I too am curious to find out what is going on. Before reading this post I noticed my preferred departure is not listed anymore. I have been following December 13th Departures to Holguin and it has gone off the radar too. If it is sold out I guess I am S.O.L. I have not seen departures sell out so early for the beginning of December. It will be interesting to find out what is going on. The rumour mills are a buzzing now LMAO.
Hollydog: We leave for Galeones (2 weeks) and are leaving Nov 26. Sounds like the same flight we’re having (same departure & arrival times). We were there in March/April this year and also had a short stop in CL, not even enough time to finish our beer! 20 minutes or so later, we were at Santiago. This trip we have direct back to Pearson with no stops. We’ve travelled with them several times now and everything has been on time and crews are efficient. I’m going to try to get our check in clerk at Pearson to allow us to book our return seats; wish me luck! Good Luck Sund0g….lolI usually travel Sunwing and last year on one of our trips we went Transat. Transat would be my last choice only because they nickeled and dimed us to death. (perhaps 10 and 15 dollar’d us to death would be more correct). Mind you the flight times and package price almost made up for this.

To me price, dates and then departure times factor in more to me in late November. Right now it looks like Cubana to Holguin. I have only read one really bad review about Cubana recently and will put more weight into the positives I have read in this forum. ( The negative had more to do with diversions and delays due to storms).

Those flight times suck! Holasun,( Cubana), has decent times to Holguin. I’m tempted..

The Hola Sun/ Cubana packages to Holguin are looking pretty tempting to me as well. 8:30am departures out of YYZ for late Autumn. I usually don’t book this early for the end of November but with the departure taxes included and our weak Canadian dollar…… What to do ????

Thanks mrjart . You just reminded me that I can use my Sony DSC 170 with the diving shell to take underwater videos. It’s old and clunky but still does an ok job ( I paid about the same for the shell than I did for the camera back in the day). DUH me LMAO! I forgot about that. I haven’t used the video mode in ages… just like I forget that my cell phone has a built in camera when a good photo opportunity arises when I don’t have a camera . I will have to give that a go again but I am still in the market for a compact action cam that I can use with a headband/helmet mount and a handlebar mount.

I will read the tutorial on loading pictures to this site very soon.

Thanks MrjarArt great videos. I finally got around to looking at the pictures I took at the Sol Rio Luna a Mars . I will try to figure out how to post a few pics. They are no where near as cool as your video but I enjoyed the snorkelling none the less.

I am in the market for an action camera now LOL. It will come in handy for my motorcycle as well as diving. I see you have a GO Pro 3 . I know they are highly recommended but perhaps just a little out my price range for the amount of use I will get out of it. Do you or does anyone on the forum have any recommendations for a budget sports video recorder. I almost pulled the trigger on a Sony Action cam that was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart a couple of weeks ago for $99.

It’s vacation in either Canada or Europe in the summer due to family commitments for me. Summer and fall are my favourite seasons in Ontario. I think the earliest I will be going down to Cuba is very late October to Mid December and February to Mid April in the spring. It was way too hot for me in September, October and after mid April so I would hate to endure the summer months in Cuba. I also try to avoid all school holidays unless I decide to take a Christmas vacation down south.

I too have found that the prices for the summer seem to jump up quite a bit during the school summer break.

I just returned from a fantastic vacation at the Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. I posted a review and I apologize in advance if it comes out quirky. I had already written the review in MS Word so I could copy and paste it to several blogs but I did not follow the format that is used here on Debbie’s. I took a few pictures and will figure out how to post them. I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Awesome! I always promise to post my snorkelling pictures. I hope to take many pictures next week at Sol Rio Luna.

Great pictures. Did you get a chance to go into Santiago? I took the snorkelling/fishing boat tour and it was a fantastic day. I was there the year after the big hurricane. My only complaint was the food . Even by Cuban standards I thought the food was sub par. I would definitely go back but my wife has ruled this resort out. I look forward to reading your review.

Well I guess we lucked out. Our package has sold out. Our bags are packed!

Thanks Cristal we will be heading out on April 14th. If it were up to me I would have waited to book for another week but my wife has already booked the time off work and we have already missed out on a great deal that sold out before a friend that was going to travel with us could make up his mind. (2 days ago the Blau Costa Verde Plus , Nolitours ,sold out with in an hour of posting their lowest price that I have seen all spring) I didn’t even bother asking/telling him about this one. Nice friend eh? He can look for his own vacation. LMAO! Big John, I have snorkelled at the Blau Costa Verde and Memories Holguin (former RPT) in this region and enjoyed them both. The staff at Memories told me that the snorkelling is even better at Playa Esmeralda. We were going to Hobie Cat it over to Esmeralda the day before we left last November but the weather didn’t cooperate. I am really looking forward to it. I will most certainly report back.

Admin, I think we did OK for this April. I think I could have done a little better if we waited absolute last minute but because my wife booked the time off already and she has a specific style of resort in mind we didn’t want to miss out. IMHO I think September historically has way better last minute deal choices. You can always get a bargain basement price on a 3 star or lower if you aren’t too fussy. I think I will save September for my "office conference" ..cough, cough with the guys. LOL.

I pulled the trigger on Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. I have had this resort on my radar for many years. I will start packing my snorkel and diving gear tomorrow.

It was only a matter of time. Prices to the Sunny South are starting to look much more attractive out of YYZ for April and May. It will only be a matter of days before I pull the trigger on a last minute deal :). Cuba is still on the top of my list for NOW. LOL.

I could care less. I will not get caught up in the media hype. If the price is right I will continue go there. I love Cuba but for me everything has it’s price.

I like Conan but to me the show was a "meh" . Piped in laugh track etc. He crossed the road and got an applause? I enjoyed seeing the sights etc but to me it was pretty lame.

With spring break and Easter on the horizon with the crappy weather this winter out east, the tour operators are playing hardball this year and have changed their tactics. They have offered price guarantees up until 7 days before your departure if you book well in advance. ( subject to plenty of fine print etc etc .) It wouldn’t be in the operator’s best interest to lower prices on vacation dates already booked well in advance even for trips well after the peak periods this spring. Could you imagine the number of rebates they would have to issue.I am going on only a hunch that "within 7 day " list minute opportunities will start cropping up soon after spring break. I am rolling the dice on a last minute vacation after Easter. I am too cost conscious (CHEAP lol) to pay 300 pp more for the same trip to the same resort I just took in November.

The prices seemed to jump up quite a bit this past week. Are we going to see "save the tax" promotions soon too? What a joke. Right after such a promotion they lower the base price again. If we only had a crystal ball LMAO.

Good luck with the scope. Do plenty of pre-hab and post op rehab and you should be fine well before 6 weeks. I have had my left knee done 3 times and had both the right and left done last year. I doubt you will need crutches at all . Breezes Jibacoa is a good choice. I did it with a broken leg and crutches. Fantastic snorkelling.

I second the Playa Costa Verde and the Blau Costa Verde.

I have never had a problem taking diving gear in a separate bag. The allowance is much greater. I have also included my snorkeling fins and wet suit and have never had problem. I always declare it as scuba gear.

One set of Scuba fins, boots, wetsuit ,gloves, 2 masks 2 sets of snorkel fins, 2 snorkels, 2 pairs of water shoes, camera case, a couple of bathing suits, waterproof bags and duffle bag weighs well under 20kg packed in a suitcase. Keep in mind this is for 2 people and the scuba allowance is 20kg per person.

Off to the Riu Playa Turquesa in less than a week to hopefully explore the reef and explore the area again via moped. There is talk about going to Varadero or Santa Lucia for another "office meeting" with the gang at work in February.

My last office outing was at Memories Varadero a month ago and I have some great memories and many memory lapses.

Ok so Air Canada is going to charge $25 for your first checked piece of luggage. BIG DEAL! Get over it or don’t book with Air Canada.Please don’t use the overhead bins because it may upset your fellow traveller? What should we use the overhead bins for? Perhaps for screaming children? Maybe we can use the bins as penalty boxes for people who use the lavatories more than once per 3.5 hour flights?

I don’t see why carry on luggage will become a problem with the new $25 dollar fees. The rules have always been pretty clear about the size and weight of carry on luggage entitlement if you bother to read the fine print on your travel documents. They have also been pretty clear about what can and can’t be stored in the overhead "carry on storage compartments". Unfortunately the rules vary between different carriers but most people never read the rules or simply ignore them. Most airlines have become more aggressive in enforcing their rules. Probably because too many people have been trying to stretch and bend them. I am constantly amused at people who get flustered because their baggage is overweight/oversized or their carry on is too big and is required to be checked in. I guess now they will be penalized with the $25 dollar fee if they didn’t have checked luggage to begin with……hmmmmmmmm? I really like it LMAO.

If you have a special circumstance where you feel you might have to be over your limit or you are unsure about their baggage policy call the airline or ask your travel agent in advance BEFORE you book. I once had concerns about oversized hockey equipment going on multi legged flights to Europe. I got special permission from the airlines and they sent it to me in writing. They are not always the mean and nasty people we make them out to be.

Just my 2 cents. I sense another marriage in Cuba thread starting soon. LMAO

Actually, you should have to pay for a spot in the overhead bin but what you can store under the seat is free. I like that idea!!

LOL I think you just gave the airlines an idea for a new source of revenue but I think they will probably charge everyone for both. Perhaps they will not charge the same rate for the under seat space?

I guess we Canadians and Brits are just too polite.

The one that really puzzles me is the "uh huh" you get down in the USA instead of "you’re welcome".

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