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I’ve been to several of the resorts on Ambergris Caye and don’t recall any of them being all inclusive (Xanadu, Phoenix, Victoria House, Belizean Shores. The beaches on the Caye are okay but sea grass (which is essential to protect the beaches and the coral reef)is ever present and can be unpleasant.
One all-inclusive resort we did quite enjoy was not on a beach but rather in the interior with jungle and rivers. The Lodge at Chaa Creek( was very comfortable, had great organic foods, and lots of activities like horse back riding, river rides, jungle hikes, massages. It is also close to some fascinating Mayan ruins.

Los Galeones near Chivirico is closed until October 2013 because of damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.Does anyone know of a similar resort, namely small (approx. 20 rms), no kids, relaxed, local music, good beach, guiet, inexpensive, in Cuba?We’ve gone to Los Galeones for many years and loved it. We would like to find something similar while repairs are made.Thanks,


I’ve been to Los Gaelones many times and absolutely love it — the staff, peace and quiet, "no-kids" policy are all great. I would never accept a transfer to BSM.
Having said all that, I am looking for a change next year. I was wondering if anyone had ever found a place similar in scale and atmosphere to Los Galeones somewhere else in Cuba. I’ve never heard of one from friends and travel agents, but I thought someone on this forum might have.

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