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Just booked this morning for Jan 12. Will take a better look at the map then send in a request and see what happens.

20 CUC is a great price for a dive. The reef sounds good and with 40′ depth this will make for a good long dive. Do you think they have any deeper dive sites nearby?I will check out the map so when I check in I know where they are putting me.Actually I’ve only once asked to be moved a couple of years ago at Club Amigo Holgin when I was booked into the barracks. It was a really….really bad room and it was a 14 day stay like this one will be.

Appreciating everyone’s input as this is really helpful.

Thanks, eeeefarm you are very knowledgeable with this place. This place must be like 2nd home for you.Would you try for the newer buildings or just stay with the bungalows. I like it quiet by my room at night so can get good night sleep and up early. Don’t care for noisy neighbors staying up late partying. Usually asleep before 24:00. Maybe there will be no choice as I would book with Nolitours.
I like your pictures. The renovated buildings rooms look like they quite large. Are the bungalows still in good shape. (mold free).Saw some pictures of divers taken out in pedal boats, is this for real? Some reports say the dive shop resort next door is shut down, but Villas Jibacoa dive shop is still up and running minus proper dive boats?

Not to fussy and think a might like it there as along as I can dive / snorkel and enjoy a few nice drinks and not get travelers revenge.

Cayo Santa Maria has the better beach.

I was there last Jan for two weeks and it was fantastic. Beach is wide and long with beautiful natural sand. if it is windy the water is still fun but the sand fly’s around making it uncomfortable. Take advantage of the Hobbie Cat and kayaks. Piano bar is great place to hang out before and after supper if you like this sort of quiet relaxing setting. The grounds are beautiful and lush so they spray for mosquitoes morn and eve with a commercial fogger. When you hear it close windows and stay in for a bit. But no mosquitoes. Excursions are good value especially overnighter bus tour to Trinidad with waterfall nature hike.Food good for Cuba, 11:00-14:00 cuban pizza restaurant near the nude beach is fantastic. Take a taxi for $2.00 to the commercial center instead of the bus.Entertainment good but next door at the Melida is better, just sneak in and no one will care as long as you don’t order and thing.

My 4th time in Cuba this was the best so far.

Considering staying at the Villas Jibacoa early part of Jan. So many questions can anyone help?Is there good snorkeling reef right off the beach?I have previously read complaints about a rocky beach, does this mean rocks in the water so you need water shoes to get in?Does the water get deep quickly or do you need to walk far before it gets deep?Are the Jelly fish in such great numbers you can’t swim with out bumping in to one?Do they serve the powered juice(like Tang), concentrated or real at the buffet and bars?

Any other relevant info for us to consider would be great.

Are two way radios (walkie-talkies) allowed in Cuba? Ours are only 8km for distance so not high end.

What is the process to scuba dive from Hotel Sol Cayo Santa Maria? Where do you sign up for the dive, How do you get to the dive center, and what does it cost?

How far do you walk down the beach to get to a good snorkeling site (and how far off the shore is good snorkeling)

OK seems like it will be in the Barracks unless something has changed very recently. Are they really as bad as reported with mold or just very dated but still clean and comfortable? I picture of the room would be helpful if someone has one.

Can anyone tell me if the Garden view Rooms offered by Signature /Sunwing Vacations are in the Guardalavaca Hotel or the Hotel Atlantico. I have read horror stories about the Guardalavaca Hotel( The Barracks). The travel agent doesn’t know and couldn’t get a proper answer from Signature Vacations. I have been told if it’s in the Atlantico section it should be OK.

Seaweed sections of the beach /rocks/ PMOW( Jelly Fish) are unpleasent but avoidable. Patches of oil spills /guest becoming ill from food is a bigger problem. It seems these smaller resorts are having a very difficult time recovering from the Hurricanes and this is very understandable. I was hoping to travel on Dec 28 for 1 week but am starting to have serious reservations about Cuba or at least VJC at this time. Thankyou for all the replies. Would still consider going if a post Oct report from someone staying at the Cameleon, indicated problems have been resolved and all was good.

I am considering booking a family holiday to VJC. Most of the older reviews are somewhat consitant but the newest one in Nov complains about garbage on beach and overgrown with seaweed and unusable. Allso wanting to know about how frequently PMOW(Jelly Fish) drift in. Is this a calm or rough water? Public Transportation to Havan or elsewhere accessable from resort? Can anyone give me a current update?

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