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Hi all, I have not been around here for a while properly. I have been on from time to time and looked at a few reviews and posts about Sol Rio de Luna Mares, Playa Esmerelda, where we got married way back in Dec 2005. We are hoping to return to Cuba next December for our 10th wedding anniversary. We too have a small person in tow AmandaC!!! (Born Feb 2010)Good to see some familiar names on here after all this time :-)Can’t believe it is nearly 9 years since we visited Cuba. I have been learning Spanish so am hoping to get to know the local people a bit better when we return.I have really enjoyed looking at all your photos, here is a photo of Guardalavaca public beach. Attachments:

Yes we’ve been 3 times, it’s just such an amazing place. I have only snorkelled, I was too chicken to dive, but hubby dived there and said it was just SO much better than snorkelling (and I saw loads just snorkelling). He has dived in Red Sea also. Maybe next time I’ll dive. I just have this silly fear of being too far under the water and getting into difficulties …..He wants to dive in Caribbean also as have only snorkelled in Cuba & Margarita.Thanks for sharing the amazing photos.


Amazing Photos, you managed to get to the Maldives then? It’s a wonderful place isn’t it? I take it you did the Liveaboard.


We got married on 28 Dec at Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. We are going back there this year for our 4th anniversary. Can’t wait!!! I have emailed the wedding vows to you.

Hi there, congratulations on your wedding in Dec 08, it’s a great place to get married isn’t it! What date did you get married?
I have a copy of the vows used at my wedding in Cuba, I got married in December 2005, I am sure they must still be current. If you want to PM me your email I can send them to you, they are in Word format. I have Spanish and English version.

The British Foreign Office are not advising against travelling to Venezuela. They just advise against travelling through certain areas and exercising usual caution when travelling overseas. I don’t think Margarita Island is a dangerous place to visit and we will be going in 4 weeks time and feel sure we will have a good holiday.
I have been shut away studying over the past few weeks and have not seen any news recently. What’s been happening??

Like you tc, we have been looking at loads of reviews and posts for MI, as we are going there in December for Xmas. I have only seen one review which mentions crime. Apparently there was an incident last October 2006 when some tourists were held up at gunpoint while in a taxi and robbed. However, I have read posts from people that were staying at the same time and the same hotel and it has not put them off going back, they said overall they felt very safe over there and didn’t just stay on the resort. Like you say this type of crime can happen in any of our own home towns. The person involved has only just posted a review about the incident on Tripadvisor. You feel for them as it must have been a horrible traumatic experience, but again, it could happen anywhere. I think as long as we all exercise the usual care and caution we’ll be fine.

Were back and we had a wonderful holiday will post a review and pictures in a couple of days, as soon as I have caught up with work

5 weeks and 3 days, we cannot wait 8-). Our last Xmas in the sun was Cuba 2 years ago. We always take lots of photos so they’ll be photos for anyone interested as well. We are going to take a couple of trips, so will let you know how they go as well. Roll on 16th December ……… ;D

We’ll be there from 16-30 December ’07. Up until earlier this year the reviews were 99% positive in all respects. However, I believe they had a few problems during refurbishment works going on this year and there have been some mixed reviews. The refurbishment works will be complete before the Xmas holidays. I am sure they will have a full hotel over Xmas and New Year and I know alot of Venezuelans from the mainland go there over Xmas holidays, so I don’t think they would risk not operating on full scale during such a busy time! I’ll post a review when we return. Despite the recent mixed reviews we are looking forward to our holiday at Laguna Mar.

Hi TravelMom, were not going to Laguna Mar until December 07, we are staying there for Xmas – can’t wait. Will post a review when we get back.

Good luck searching for your holiday. Tour Operators here in the UK have prices available very early, we have to book early here for holidays over Xmas, they can get booked up a year in advance. We booked 13 months in advance for Cuba!! Must be very frustrating having to wait so long to book your holiday. Let us know if you decide to wait and do go to Laguna Mar.

Have a look on Trip Advisor, there are some very recent reviews on there, all good, so I think we have made a good choice. Maybe see you there at Xmas?

Sadly only been once so far, got married at Sol Rio de Luna y Mares, loved it and would go back in an instant. We will def go back again and will perhaps try another area, maybe the Cayos. Wherever we go I am sure it will be great, after all it’s Cuba!!

Great news that it is on it’s way! ;D As the others said it will be in Spanish, but it looks very official with all the stamps for legalisation, etc. I love mine, it is so different. The ladies at the post office all had a look at it when I submitted my passport name change application! I had to get mine translated to get my passport changed and driving licence. You have to do them one at at time as they insist on seeing the original. I didn’t want to let it out of my site to go to the passport office (as it took so long to get hold of it in the first place!) I was worried the whole time until it came back safely with my new passport. My translation cost approx £50 I just did a search on for local translators.

Beautiful dress, looks perfect for a destination wedding. Great choice!
Yes take your rings with you, we did, we got married over there in Dec 05. Just remember to keep them with you in your hand luggage when you travel over!! I had mine in my hand luggage and I must have checked about 20 times that they were still there on the journey over!
Congratulations HSumner, Happy Name Changing, be patient though as it takes a while as you have to send the originals to most organisations, such as passport office, DVLA, etc. I was terrified the Royal Mail might lose mine each time I posted it (even though I sent it Special Delivery – I don’t have a lot of faith in the Royal Mail Services!) It was always such a relief when it came back to me as I dread to think how long it would take to get a replacement
I got married in Holguin area and mine took just over 4 months. I got married at end of December and the Certificate was stamped by British Embassy and Cuban Foreign Office in Havana at the end of January but it did not arrive back to the Notary in Holguin until April?! Where it was between Feb and Apr I don’t know
Can understand the frustration as the first thing you want to do is change your name, hang on in there and be patient! In Cuba these things take time

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