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Will be a the GBP from April 6 tothe 21st. 2012.

I don’t want to spend the day, just a look around, and maby a cervesa. But mostly see if I would want to go there next November.

We will be going to Iberostar Laguna Azul in a few weeks.

I was wondering if some one could tell me if it is OK to go visit the other Iberostars in the area. I heard that we could walk by the beach to the Iberostar Varadero, Would like to visit and maby have a cool drink before returning to our resort.

Sorry but I kind of wish the forum had stayed the same. Some times new is not always better than the old. Still come to the site for information but I seam to have a harder time finding what I am looking fore. Like maps and pictures…

Where did the really nice and helpful site that had all the resort maps, and much more go. :0( It was a verry useful place to go to see the way the resort orgenise. Please please don’t tel me that you have deleted it. If so where can I find a similar site.

We will be going to Panama in 2010 for the first time. Being used to Republic Dominican,and Cuba where they appreciate gifts as much as money for tips, and Jamaica where they would not appreciate gifts, and rather have money., I was wondering what is the best to do in Panama. If it is money is it better American or their own, if they like gifts what do they like best.

if it is .1:00 in Montreal what time is it in Panama?

What is the policy on these 2 items at the RD. Is it possible to have one and how much more do the charge per day?

We are planing to go there in March 2010 for 2 weeks. Very anxious to learn as much as I can before next March and see as much pictures as possible. Any tips where best room best restauraunt…best excusrion. We plan on doing 2 hotels in 1 trip. Royal Decamoron and 1 in Panama City.

Is it the same at the Royal Decameron in March – April

I was just wondering if some of the rooms had balconies and if the pool was outside. I would appreciate some good and not sogood ( if there is any) comments on this hotel. We are seriously thinking about dooing 2 resorts next year and were thinking about Royal Decameron and Radison.

Thanks North Gal, that is what we expected to do. It will only be next year though. We are leaving for Quebec tomorrow then the next day off to Puerto Plata, in April it will be Punta Cana, but next year Panama for shure.

You’r right byerbill I hit the wrong key,its 3 not 4. Hope to have more response from people who experience it though. We would be leaving from Montreal. If some one knows the departure time that would be great too.

We are already looking for our next year trip. Would very much like to do the 2 resorts on 1 trip with Transat. 11 nights at the RD and 4 nights in Panama City, less traveling to go visit the Panama Canal and the City. Has anyone done it before. If so do you recommend it. I would like to do the city at the end of the vacation, would be closer to the Airport when the time to leave comes.

Was just wondering if the Royal Decameron is the only resort ? Have not read much about any other resorts. If so, I am a beach person , would you recommend this resort?

I just returned from Melia Las Dunas with a group of 30 some people some loved the place some hated it , we were all friends all usualu like about the same things. We shouls all have had about the same impresion of the place but there were allot of diferent impresion. For my part I liked it , I would recomend it but I will not return, only because I try to go to different resorts every year.

I know that if you are a beach nut , the place in Jamaica to go is in Negril. We wre there 2006 and the beaches were allot nicer than in Montigo Baay or any other places in Jamaica.

I heard briefly from my friends, will know more detail later this week. Beach not so great , rooms regular food very good, good service, regular entertainment.

Got some friends who will be arriving on Sunday . They have spent the last week there might be able to tell you more next week.

Don’t Know about the royal packege in Jamaica but in R.D. We had a beach bag, bottle of rum,free internert, private registration, more a la carte, closser to the beach, robes and slippers in room, beach towel change in room ( in the evening when they came to prepare the beds for night) they also brought fresh bath towels at that time if we had uses some. It was just great service. Well worth it.

Very nice resort, in 2006 we were at the Riu Negril, but had a chance to go and have lunch at the buffet a few times booth resorts are within walking distance from each other from the beach it is very nice. As for excursion : Appleton Rum Factory, Ricks Coffee, Margaritaville,Black River Safari & Y.S. falls. All of the places are fairly near and at the time the prices were good.

We have never been to the iberostar, but have been to the trip, we loved it then and had some friends who just returned and said it was as good . They also pointed out theat you have the option of going to another resort during the day time so you kind of get 2 resorts for the price of 1.

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