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It would be great to get more info on Bonaire, especially flight details and luggage allowance.We have never been able to find a direct flight out of Toronto, and the little puddle jumper from Curacao has limited weight allowance.
Sint Eustatius, or Statia. The name Statia comes from St Anastasia, as it was named by Columbus, but the Dutch later changed it to Sint Eustatius. The island is dominated by the long-extinct volcano called �The Quill� at the south end, inside which is a lush rainforest where the locals hunt land crabs at night. Visitors are advised, however, to go there only during the day. The north part of the island is hilly and uninhabited except for Statia Terminals, a fuel depot; most people live in the central plain which surrounds the airport.Statia is quiet and friendly and the poorest of the three Windward Islands, with only 2,100 people living on the 30.6 square kilometers island. A variety of nationalities are represented, the island having changed hands 22 times in the past, but the majority are of black African descent. Everybody speaks English, although Dutch is the official language and is taught in schools.
I checked on all my selloff sites, and I don’t see any deals for it yet. maybe by 2010 I’ll be able to get a last minute deal. I’ll keep watching.

A group of 7 of us are headed to Cozumel in a couple of weeks. I’ve been watching and hoping that this wouldn’t be a bad year, but already we’ve had 2 Cat 5’s and it’s only just beginning.
Jemik,I believe that the Royal Decameron Club Caribbean RDCC is in Runaway Bay, about an hour outside of Montego Bay.There are two Decamerons in Jamaica, one in Montego Bay RDM and the one in Runaway Bay.
Milli,Jamaica has a lot to offer, and the Riu Tropical is a good resort to start with.It’s located in Negril which is approximately 90 minutes from the airport. The road to Negril is much better now that they have rebuilt it.Negril has a wonderful beach, it’s about the closest you’ll get to a Cuban beach in Jamaica.Negril is more laid back than other regions of Jamaica, and appeals mainly to couples and families. As far as I know airport transfers are still included in the Canadian packages. They’ve always been included in our trips.New2Cuba (Wendy) was at the Riu Tropical last year, and she loved it.Send her a pm or an email and I’m sure that she’ll be delighted to give you the scoop on this resort.
Diver69,We are also looking at this resort. We are in the same situation, hubby is advanced with many dives and I am recently certified.We just returned from Breezes Curacao, I was certified there by Ocean Encounters Dive Op, they are really good and operate from Breezes. The diving in Curacao is fantastic!!!, Breezes offers free shore diving at the resort, you pay extra for Nitrox.We were at Iberostar Cozumel in the spring, and the diving there is great too, but a strong current so it is mainly drift diving. I didn’t see any shore dives there.
Trillium,We’re interested in Fantasy Island Resort. Is it good for non divers as well? I don’t dive but I enjoy snorkelling. How is the snorkelling off the beach? For that matter how is the beach, sandy, rocky and would I need to wear water shoes?How was the food and the rooms at the resort. I’m not looking for anything 5 star but I don’t want bugs in either my food or my bed.


The Sunquest Deal of the Day is for Breezes Curacao.Out of Toronto on March 23rd $797 plus taxes.

I’m so tempted to book it, but I wouldn’t be able to dive, my foot is still in a cast.

Superior Producer, The Mushroom Forest and the Car Pile are must do’s. Shore diving is good if the Jet Ski’s stay away, but I’ve seen them circling the dive markers just for fun so be careful.Here is the website for Ocean Encounters.

The diving is fantastic!!!The operation at Breezes is Ocean Encounters and their main operation is located along the beach at Lions Dive. They are a great bunch of guys and the dive sites are amazing.Best diving I’ve done yet.


Watch the Sunquest deal of the Day.We were lucky to spot it last year and got Breezes for $720 plus taxes out of Toronto for November.We love Curacao, it’s a beautiful little island and the diving and snorkelling is unbelievable.
The beach is nice, but you might want to have water shoes for certain parts. There is a huge reef right off shore so some of the coral washes up.The reef is amazing for snorkelling and diving. Shore dives are included and snorkel equipment is available at the towel hut on the beach. The resort is quite long and therefore the beach is too, but you can’t walk to other resorts. There is a fence up at the boundaries.I didn’t manage to get into town or rent a car. I had intended to but the dive course took up most of the week. It went from 8 in the morning until 5 at night. 🙁 It was worth it though because I am now a certified diver. :-)There were lots of kids there, and the pool is great for them. All the kids seemed to be having a lot of fun. They had a big bouncy castle one day, and one day Santa arrived to give all the kids a treat. They loved it. There is the circus school right on the beach for the kids and adults. I’m not sure how old your kids are but the circus school starts at age 4. There is also an ice skating rink with skates available. All of the amenities are compact, centering around the one area of the resort.At the far end of the resort is another pool, and kids play ground as well as a snack bar. The beach is much better along at this end, not so much coral.The resort seems to have everything you could want, but keep in mind that it is an older resort so everything won’t be shiny new.If you’re not happy with your room when you check in, go to the front desk immediately and they will move you. They really want you to enjoy your vacation.
Hi capercanuck,We’re back and had a great time. I didn’t get a chance to get off the resort except for once. We did the pirate ship which was amazing!!!I was doing my open water certification course all week, and that kept me busy. The resort itself is the oldest on the island and it’s starting to show it’s age. They are renovating and we were lucky to get one of the renovated rooms in the Royal Tower, room # 2426 which was a partial ocean view facing away from the pools and disco. Nice clean room.Any questions, just ask. I’m working on my review, but I still haven’t finished my review for Royal Hideaway Ensenachos yet either. 🙂
thanks for the update Trillium.We’re hoping to visit San Andres early 2008, and now we have another choice of resort.

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