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The only resort I have been to in Cayo Coco is the memories flamenco. I was absolutely satisfied with it.I don’t go to Cuba for the food, but it was by far the best food I ever had in Cuba! The only minor issue was the rocks on the beach, but that was not as bad as some say. My 2 yo daughter and I could easily get into the water without stepping on any rocks.

I might even go back this winter.

I got married in Cuba last winter and we told every guess that we didn’t expect any gifts and that we only wanted them to be with us. Still we got some cash from my wife’s parents and a gift from my mom and sisters. But the gift I preferred was a nice bottle of Havana club grand reserva my friends and brother in law gave me! I have to add that they all enjoyed it as well!

Maybe a nice bottle of rum or some good cigars would be appreciated? But personally I doubt that they would expect any gift other than your presence.

I used them about a year ago to go to HolguinThey were on time, I think we even left 10 minutes early. Service was as good as on any other airline. Food was simple (sandwiches) but good. Beer was only 2$, that might be a good or a bad thing depending on who’s on the plane!I would not hesitate to used them again. I myself saved around 100$ per person on that trip and I can’t see why I would want to pay more for Sunwing. That being said I don’t have any issues with Sunwing either.

The only thing I remember is that the bus that took us from and to the airport in Cuba was older than the other ones and not very clean. Still AC was working and we made it to the resort and back without any issues.

I am in the market for an action camera now LOL. It will come in handy for my motorcycle as well as diving. I see you have a GO Pro 3 . I know they are highly recommended but perhaps just a little out my price range for the amount of use I will get out of it. Do you or does anyone on the forum have any recommendations for a budget sports video recorder. I almost pulled the trigger on a Sony Action cam that was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart a couple of weeks ago for $99.

I have a friend that’s using a Vivitar-DVR781 that he paid less than 50$ for.

He takes great diving and fishing videos with it.  And at 50$ doesn’t hurt too much if you break it or loose it.

I’ve been once in August and once at the end of May.It’s cheaper than spending 1 vacation week in Canada so why not! On top of that I get to refill my rum and cigars at a much more affordable price than if I did so here!

If it was only me, we would go once during the winter and once during summer. My daughter would be ok with that but my wife is a little harder to convince!

Never been to Tainos but I was at memories last summer.It is a rather large resort, but if you don’t spend your time going from the beach to the pool it is not that pad. Kid club was ok, but seemed a bit dangerous. Maybe I’m just used to Canadian playground safety. There were a LOT of kids when I was there, but not much of a nuisance. Some guess at the bar were way worst! But still most of the crowd was laid back and relax.I didn’t see many soap or shampoo gifting guess, but looking at the maid cart at the end of the day some are doing it for sure!

We had a lot of fun talking about hockey with one of the sports bar bartender! He really seemed to like the sport so the following night my friend gave him his NY Islanders cap and we had even better service after that!

Maybe I misunderstood your post, but I would not pursue a trip from Varadero and back in an old convertible. Sounds like a "classic thing to do" but a comfy car with a/c and working windows will be much more enjoyable. Especially for the trip back.
Why not rent a convertible for a short city tour in la Habana? Not hard to find once in the city.

Edited to add:  Most topless cars you see in Cuba are chopped sedans or have no functioning roof.  Not truly convertible. 

I don’t know in how many weeks, but some parts of Havana are really really really hot during the summer and having the chance to chill a bit in an AC car (or bus) feels really nice after some time in the hot sun.

I too put 75 CUC away in the safe with the passports for the 3 of us right when I arrive.For the first time during the last trip I had to take 5 CUC from it because there a way too much of a line up for the cadeca and I was really hoping they would not run out of money for the remaining of the week!

Not sure if it is related, but I just saw the price of the trip I was looking at go up 100$ for 3 persons. If that’s for the departure tax the markup is not that bad since 75 CUC is close to 95$

In January the wifi was fast enough to watch something on Netflix at SRLM, but would there be enough bandwidth for more than one person? That is not sure.

I don’t think that’s Netflix best move, but who knows? Things are moving fast regarding internet connections in Cuba. Think about it, even just a little over a year ago there was no wifi at any hotel and now it’s almost everywhere with quite adequate speed to check emails, facebook and stuff like that.

I now budget into my travel expenses the price of underground parking at Trudeau airport in Montreal. I leave our coats and boots in the car, but we do wear comfy long pants and closed shoes on the plane, along with a sweatshirt. It is simply awesome to lock up your car, take an elevator and voilà, you are in the terminal! I did that for the first time in January and will probably do every time I travel during the winter months.  I used to leave the coats in the trunk in the outside parking lot and went to grab them for my wife and daughter…  It’s worth every extra bucks to not have to do that! 

I have enough stuff to carry around that I don’t want to have to deal with winter coats.  That being said, I don’t travel in shorts.  I always wear jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie with closed shoes.  

Tour operators have a counter near Entrance 1, departures level. You will need your tourist visa to check-in. Last May we got the tourist cards after we checked our luggage.  It’s the Cubana rep that told us where to get them.

It was near entrance 1 as you said.

When I took it we could have upgraded to what I think was called "Tropical" class. Instead of being 3 seats wide, these row where only 2 with larger seats. Since we were 2 adults and a child we didn’t took it.

I think it allowed some more luggage allowance and priority registration / boarding, but nothing else once on board.

I used them last May and it was on par with any other airline. I think the meal was even better than what we got from Sunwing last week! No entertainment on board though so bring a book or something else.

It was also the smoothest landing I ever experienced in Cuba!

If one already have USD it might be a good idea to bring it. Last week even with a 10% penalty it was better than CAD with a 87 CUC for 100 USD vs 80 CUC for 100 CAD.

Still not worth it to transfer from CAD to USD to CUC but if you have it on hand it’s better to change to CUC directly instead of CAD.

Leaving Sunday for Luna y Mares too but it’s booked since September. Can’t wait to leave the cold. I think 1 week won’t be enough this time though.

Arenas Blancas is right at the beginning of Varadero. Never been there though.Memories is impossible to walk into town from since you would have to walk on the highway. It’s a good 20+ minutes bus ride.I walked from Breezes Bella Costa and it was about half an hour. That’s the last resort before the golf and therefore the furthest you can walk to from Varadero city.
I’ve heard the currency will change in the next 2-3 months!

Oh wait, I hears that every trip for the last 2 years!

The only reason I would try to get on board first was to make sure my daughter’s carry on was near us in the overhead storage. Then I realized it would be way more useful to have it under the seat!

I never understood why everybody wants to get on first. You won’t get better seats by being the first in line. Also not many chances the plane will leave any early if we all seat fast since there’s always that guy that boards at the last possible minute!

I always have one at the airport VIP when leaving. Never looked even close to the one pictured above!

Still having a jamón con queso sandwich with a cold cerveza is how we end all Cuban vacations.

What I do with ripe platano is slice them about 1/3 inch thick, fry them. Take them out of oil, smash them with the bottom of a cup or glass and then fry them a second time!

Getting hungry just typing it!

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