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heading there in december – is it really worth the trip into the town called camaguey?

and to cuba you went! you know cuba like it"s your second home. when i read your post i almost cried. i hope you enjoy every vacation to cuba for the rest of your life in memory of your bestie.

I’m heading to hotel caracoal in camaguey soon and was wondering what electricity the hotel has. do i need to buy any adaptors to operate my hair dryer and flat iron?

story teller, if that’s the case you should go to Jibicoa, as there are only 2 hotels there and your in between varadero and havana. you’ll have the best of all worlds. you can go to varadero (60 min) calle 62 and people watch or buy something from the flea markets, then head back to your hotel at jibicoa for a couple nights then head out on another day trip to havana (60 min.) a must see city.

you all have very valid points, especially sunny. deciding what you spend your money on is a personal decision. as i posted previously, i put aside $40 every paycheck but what seems to sneak up on me as a budget traveller is all the pre and post expenses of a trip. for example having nails and toes painted, sometimes a new bathing suit purchased if only i could just book, pack and go as is it would be cost effective.

can anyone tell me if they have recently been to cuba and experienced mint shortages? i was there last year and our hotel seemed to run out of mint every other day.
i realize it was due to the hurricanes that destroyed the crops and was just wondering if that was still the case.

I put aside $40.00 from every paycheck and when the amount gets to around $500 i start looking for a cuba destination. by the time i leave for my trip it’s usually all paid for.

If anyone has been to this hotel, can you tell me what there is to do in the area? i’m aware there is a restaurant beside it and you can rent mopeds, but where would one want to go on the mopeds in camaguey or santa lucia?

well it’s sad to say but I’ve just recently returned home from Blau Varadero and i already miss my mojitos. I’m going to try to make them from scratch but i was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to make the perfect mojito. like lemon mix etc. please post your recipes.

thanks jet pilot. were losing $0.07 on the dollar as of today. ohh well the rum us cheaper there, well worth the visit and exchange rates.

I was wondering if anybody who’s been to Blau (Varadero) could tell me what it’s like to walk the beach from the Blau. I noticed to the left (facing the ocean) you’ve got Melia, Iberostar and Melia and then you’ve got club amigo. what direction is best to travel and for how far? can you stop and have a beer at each location? I know when i stayed at Breezes Bella costa we walked West (left) and were able to have a beer at each location. Also is it possible to go to sirena la salina by beach?

yes i truly love the reads on this site. i don’t always comment but i sure do enjoy all there is to read on this site. merry Christmas to all!

i will only have canadian money with me when we land. will $10.00 canadian buy 4 beer?

hi i was wondering what the selling price for beer at varadero airport is going for sold in the parking lot. We are flying into varadero the first week of january and i want to have exact cash ready for my crystal beer bus ride. i need to buy 4 beers.

i know i agree with you. we are scheduled to arrive in varadero in January, so I’m sure the schedule will be up before then but it would sure be nice to view it now.

hello – my husband and i will be staying at the Blau Varadero from January 8th to the 15th. We are planing on seeing a baseball game close to Varadero or possibly Havana. Does anyone have information on game times and the best method to get there?

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