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I’m not seeing any price cuts for travel over Christmas time and with news of can jet stopping, it will only create less supply and more demand. When will I see prices start to drop somewhat? I’m trying to book a 4 star for around $1000 per person taxes included with a dec 27th departure. Will I see those kind of prices soon?

Looking to spend Christmas in Cuba. The weather can be hit or miss and I find pricing to be a little high right now. Couple of questions do you think pricing will lower soon? And I think I read that there is a spot/side of Cuba that has less wind and warmer water-where would that be and what resorts would you recommend for 2 families with teenage boys.

Lots of questions thanks in advance.

i have a few pre trip things that i do – how about you?I buy a new bathing suit, book, and get a mani-pedi.

i also have a few post trip things – appreciate my toilet seat and toliet paper, bring home 2 bottles of rum and then start saving for my next cuba trip.

i see where the black mail come in, after you wear those outfits you’ll be blackmailing us to not circulate them. haha

Barracuda, good luck with the fishing. the last time we went out (chamgeuy-Nov. 2011) we didnt get once single bite.

too funny. i take it you like your rum. congrats on achieving 1000 posts.

i agree, i too like trip central, it’s easy to look up the cheapest total price. By the way I never play the quizes, but i wonder if anyone has ever won a trip? There must be millions of people that play the quizes each day and I wonder what the odds are, say for example christmas day, how many people will play it? my guess would be alot less than a regular day.

more golf resorts makes sense. if your golfing all day, your not drinking or eating. and if your going to golf the next day your going to go to bed early and not stay up till 4 in the morning drinking. so they are probably trying to capture a new market of people, a market that is less expensive for them.

great video, i never knew what the spanky project was but i have seen in on the threads alot. well done. actually my dog (golden retriver) has some skin issues and i took him to a naturopath, what we do for our hairy kids.

i’ve been to sirena la salina twice, i would go back there again. the iberostar sounds good.

i agree go to havana, take a taxi to the viazul bus station and then the viazul will take you into havana. remember , 1 km in varadero in a taxi will cost $1 cuc


i too have a bottle of this rum but i thought i paid $26.00 for the bottle at the rum store in downtown varadero near calle 26. that was about 2 years ago.

i’ve been to cuba a few times but i’ve never been offered or seen avacodo which if find odd considering the warm climate for growing it like apples. does anyone have any avadocdo stories to share? like where to get etc.

so how long does it actually take to get from hotel caracol to the town of camauey?

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