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What kind of weather are you folks talking about for the north in say December and January? I looked online and it says highs 27, lows 17 and average 22 for January.

My wife and I have been to Hawaii 3 times and absolutely love it but it’s pricey so I think this is the winter we finally go all inclusive to somewhere in the Caribbean.  I’m looking for suggestions and recommendations for the best location for us and then I can figure out the best hotel to stay at and read some of the great reviews here.We mostly like to hang around on the beach or at the pool and relax.  We do like to do some hiking and walking around/exploring as well.  My wife gets sea sick so going on a boat is not an option at all so anything like island hopping or scuba is out of the question.  We do enjoy snorkeling but of course it would need to be at a walk in beach and not on a boat excursion.  Good food is ideal of course but we’re far from foodies so it doesn’t need to be gourmet.Basically what I’m looking for is to distinguish where our best destination is from places like Jamaica, DR, Mexico and Cuba.Thanks in advance.

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