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And I got a non-answer. I don’t really understand what a "non answer" is. If it was me I’d be on the phone demanding a full and complete answer and an e-mail to confirm it, or if that didn’t work I’d be calling the manager. It may not be important to them but it sure is to a customer.


Which resort and when are you going ? I will attempt to steer you in a direction you will enjoy . Any special interests ?
Lenny Memories Caribe for a wedding. I’m thinking it would be fun for all of us at the wedding to get out and do something together, like a dinner out or some event.Thanks bicylemanSay while I have your attention, you seem to know a lot of what’s going on there, do you know if a cab driver/tour guide by the name on Minel is still around?

Great attitude
Just go there and enjoy what they give you and enjoy the world class beach and the sun and the people, all the rest is just fluff

I have been to Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo before but it’s been a long time. I have heard of a small restaurant I think called Lenny’s although I’ve never been to it, also I know there was a bowling alley on Cayo Guillermo, is there anything else to do off resort in the area.Do they still have a glass bottom boat in the area?

It doesn’t seem they have built up the area like they did on Cayo Santa Maria with the Pueblo and dolphin swim

Change is very slow in Cuba so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Well I don’t about all of these places but if you want to get "off resort to see sights" Cayo Guillermo is not really that kind of place. I guess Playa Pilar beach but other than that it’s a long way to Moron and not really all that much there when you get there. Great spot but not really a place to go if you want to do off resort things.

They’ll push the envelope until people show signs of balking at their shakedowns. Best thing would be if everyone was to play the waiting game but we know that won’t happen

Sooooooooooo with prices like that how do you think the Guests are going to take the lines "Sorry we no have today, maybe tomorrow". I hear you but I suspect that with the increase in tourism because of the Americans, will come an increase in imports making shortages less and less. Always optimistic

Nothing happens in Cuba fast so I wouldn’t worry too much, just enjoys it while it’s like it is and know in your mind that the changes will probably be good for most Cubans. Nothing ever stays the same except the memories

They supply everything, you just show it when you go through customs.One time in Santa Clara we were waiting for the last bag, the NJT bag.All the other bags had been claimed, but no NJT bag. There it was, pulled away from the other bags and surrounded by official looking people. So I nonchalantly walk up to it and pick it up and start to walk away. I’ve got a grin because although all those official people are speaking Spanish, I can almost hear them saying"no so fast buddy" heheAnyway I pull out the paperwork as they open the bag and rummage through it. Ah ha! it’s the syringes that have peaked their interest. One of the officials, a lady speaks to me in English and I explain it’s a medical supply bag and I will be dropping it off at a hospital.After a few minutes of obvious excitement by these officials, the lady that speaks English says "thank you, that’s very nice what you are doing, you can go now". All the while my wife is watching this commotion wondering if I’m spending the night in jail or near the beach.

Still all worth it, in fact it gives me a few extra stories to tell

Please don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not suggesting that this is a bad idea, but I do question whether the trip is really worth it considering the cost and distance and that CSM really doesn’t offer anything that CC does not.

I agree 100%, the only thing in CSM has the CC doesn’t is they have a fake Pueblo, big deal, certainly not worth a trip for that. However, maybe a trip to the city of Trinidad. I did that trip by hired cab from Cayo Guillermo and it was really something to see.

My feeling is the Americans will come at first and want to see for themselves but if Cuba stays pretty much the way it is, word will get out and the American tourists will drop off. Americans want posh and fancy service and when they don’t get it, and get it fast, they whine and complain. Once word gets out, only the cheap ones will come.
All the better for me.

I was thinking of going to the resort my daughter is getting married ahead of time to kind of get the feel for it. She is getting married next Feb. and I was thinking of going in August or Sept. of this year. It’s a Sunwing Memories resort in Cayo Coco but I don’t seem to be able to find any trips there this summer. Do they close down or offer the trip to vacationers from other countries. I can’t imagine with the investment in infrastructure and people they would close for long

Thanks Benni. I remember Sancti Spiritus as the only place we were bothered by a town drunk. Too bad really because we (our driver) ended up calling over the police who ended up taking him away.
It seemed like such an interesting place it would have ben nice to spend a little more time there. Seems like you are having a wonderful trip

It’s "the" official, I just need the dates then I’ll see you there. I know it’s late Feb 2016

Soon, LOLyou sound like his mother hehe

I’m in no rush but when it happens it’ll be fun I think

Looks like my daughter has decided to do a destination wedding.Of course she picked Cuba, Cayo Coco to be exactMemories CaribeAny tips or ideas would be great, it’ll be late Feb 2016

Interesting read, I don’t like problems while travelling but being the loud complainer doesn’t help your situation, it just makes the people attempting to help not want to help you or if they do, you are usually last. However, how do you catch another plane if you are going to Cuba on a charter? And how do you check into another resort if you are on a charter. I’ve done neither, nor have I ever seen it done.

I bet 4am can’t come quick enough Spunky…I am envious but enjoy it. You deserve it with the crazy winter we have had this year!!

Sunlover, I am prediciting June before all the snow is gone here in Moncton…we are at almost 500cms of snow this year…and with a colder than normal spring being called for, I wont need to fire up the lawnmower till prob July 1st weekend I am guessing…..time will tell!

Get a few warm days and you’ll be surprised how quick it goes. Especially on heavy snow winters, the snow is light and when it starts heating up it’s gone in no time, however I’d be more worried about flooding

The last time I was in Cayo Coco they were just starting to pour the cement for the buildings for the new "El Senador". There is a new El Senador?Do you know when?

If it’s anything like the old one I’m in!

The last time we were there they had a glass bottomed boat that would pick you up right in front of the hotel and take you a little ways out and you could snorkel right off the boat, they would park it right off some coral. Also there is a dive boat just up the road, I don’t know if it’s just scuba diving but I suspect they also cater to snorkelers. The first and last time I ever scuba dove was on that boat and the reef was about 20 feet below us, I only spent a few seconds down there but from what I remember it looked pretty good

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