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They are all great Resorts but I’m leaning towards Iberostar as zendudette mentioned you can’t go wrong with an Iberostar Resort. One of my favorite chains for sure!!
The Resort has amazing staff, clean and great food. Also located in a great location. Laguna Azul and Iberostar VAradero also amazing Resorts. The only thing with the Iberostar Varadero is that it will be priier then the others but Laguna Azul has been pricing very reasonable as well as the Playa Alameda. Any questions please feel free to ask
Iberostar Varadero . 100%Amazing food. Not a party place. If you want activities you can do activities, if you want quiet then there are plenty of spots for quiet times as well. Well laid out Resort. Not too big or too small .Staff are also amazing, they make you feel at home just like family. You will have all mixes of ages . I have meet so many people there and I have remained friends with them all to this day. Can’t say enough about this Resort. I am a travel Agent and I have booked many people here and they ALL had great things to say. It has been voted #1 Resort in Varadero for years now and it is a good reason why. Laguna Azul would also be a great choice. Its a much larger Resort though so keep that in mind if you are not looking for a big Resort. The layout is great so it doesn’t seem as large as it is because of that. Either Resort I would be highly recommend for sure.Any questions please feel free to ask me.


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