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We are here now, day 10 of a 14 day visit………cannot say enough about the place……it is just amazing……food, service and helpful staff. We are having a ball…….

 only 4 more weeks, we can hardly wait
Strange, we are on the same time frame………go figure, eh!

Looking out the window at the fresh fallen snow makes the time drag on SO LONG……come on April 13th.

Did someone say …. "RIBS"…..Jake will be all over those suckers, especially if they are "gooder" than the ones I have had while staying in the Tulum section… I am getting more excited than ever….!

It just keeps sounding "gooder" all the time…..come on April…..why are you hiding from us? Flood & the Missus, we’re going to have a great time and the birds we are going to see…..OMG, can’t wait…..

We’ve been to Cuba at least three times, and will not be going back in a hurry……."ONLY BECAUSE OF THE FOOD"…….everything tasted the same, they prepared all meals with that same oil, that same taste, smell and texture. Mexico offers food which we are used to from home. "YES" I know you go on vacation to experience different cultures and different ways of life……but for "ME", the food is a very important part, especially considering we always go for two weeks. I am not say "ALL FOOD" in Cuba is bad, but having had three bad experiences…..I feel gooder going to Mexico. The beaches, people and history of Cuba are all wonderful…..I actually like the beaches better there than Mexico (personal choice), but if I can’t eat, then I am headed back for the less nicer beaches of Mexico and of course the Tequila…..LOL!

missrv86……the Hacienda section is quite private and away from the main part of the resort……but only a short walk. It does have it’s own pool, check-in and is considered to be "private" as no one else is supposed to go there. As for the dolphin pool……it is typical of all the dolphin pools and shows you see down there…..seen one, you’ve seen them all.

herrony….. I would suggest asking for the Jr Suites in building five, and try for the third floor……..great view and so close to the main lobby….beach grill….beach and the theatre. If you can’t get there (there is an extra charge for the Jr Suites), try for building six (third floor).

Let’s get down to brass tacks…… they have chicken wings at the beach grill?
Hey SUJ, there are some "Weasels" alright, but trust me, some of them should be shot…..and others, well, maybe a hug for them!We are playing the new Riviera Maya course, which is part of the Bahia Principe Resort. The green fees are included for guests of the resort, but coming in from outside…..$230US per round. There is a $65US per person cart fee, which we get two for one because we are traveling with Air Canada Vacations. Club rental is $45US per round, but we brought our own. The shuttle driver sells used balls for $10US per dozen, I got him to give us 15 for the same price, and told him it was the least he could do, seeing as he was only renting them to us any way. He’ll get most of them back when we are done any way. They have signs posted telling you to stay out of the woods, as there are poisons snakes, and plants in there……….is it true or not……..I’m not about to test it to find out. So at the end of each day, they go out and collect all the wild shots and sell us the balls the next time we go back.Well, it’s time to go check on the "Weasels", I’m sure they must be missing me by now.Jake, eh
YES the ribs are still available at the Beach Grill, twice a day everyday. OMG it’s hot down here, averages just over 30, one day with a few showers, but that was welcomed to say the least. We have seven more friends arriving today, always nice to have new playmates. Played a couple of rounds of golf, beautiful course, but tough too.Off to the beach for now……beers are cold, and the sights are HOT……yepper, Jake is having a "gooder" time!

Jake, eh

Hey Terry, long time not chat……thanks for the well wishes, and don’t worry there will be a report coming as well as a few pictures too! October sounds like a long way off, but when you really think about it……..okay, it is :D. The time will go quickly though, and you’ll be back down there before you know it.Take care for now, I’ll try to check in while we are there, taking the iPad along so I can try to stay in touch with the rest of the world.

Jake, eh

Thanks Bubbles, that sun is going to feel so good tomorrow morning, can’t wait. Ihad to light a fire here last night, it was calling for between -6 and -12 over night, so that heat from the Mexican sun………oh yeah baby, bring it on!Y’all have a "gooder" trip too, we can compare notes once we get back……..which is not something I am even thinking about right now!


SUJ, if there is one thing I wish I could make possible, that would be it………well there might be one other little thing too, but we won’t go into that right now.Bubbles, you keep that sunset fresh in your memory, it won’t be long now girl. Eight days for us, I’m not sure if "Jakette" is going to last that long, I’ve never seen her this excited about going away……

Jake, eh

Did someone say "cherry"……oh my, I loves cherries, especially in a pie :D. Down to the count down now, we had snow on Saturday and maybe more coming this week. How long does it take for two weeks to pass….? I want the next two to go very fast, then the following two weeks to slow down and last for at least three weeks……is that possible under metric conversion?

Jake, eh

Jake you will just have to make sure you stand next to the Big Guy with us. and a tan makes you look 10 lbs thinner.. This year….I’m lettin’ it all hang out, stand back this might not be pretty. Just picture my "twin bellies" tucked in my new thong, and my bright orange suspenders holding up the thong. Toss in my knee high black socks with my sandals and you’ve got your Christmas card for next year.

Jake, eh

Well, I have to say, having them sealed with rip sauce, ain’t so bad ;), could be a lot worse. The time is dragging on now…..I want to go to the sun and sand please.

Jake, eh

SUJ, of course people could tell us apart, I’d be the one with the rib sauce all over my chest……..(don’t you dare say what I know you’re itching to say ;)).

Jake, eh

I’m here girlfriend…….especially when I notice we are getting away two days sooner than you… ;D, just kidding, it’s all good. It has been very quiet here lately, I just pop in once in a while to see what has changed……"nothing". Oh well, maybe everyone is too busy out buying new clothes for their trips. I know I have to find just the right thong…….STOP LAUGHING, fat guys have feelings too :(. If I can manage to get my "twin bellies" tucked inside a new thong…..ohhh I will be looking gooder than ever. My "dunn-lopp" (belly dunn-lopps over my belt), is much better now, I can almost see my toes (if I use a mirror).It’s all coming together girl, and it won’t be long now until we are all sitting with our butts in the sand and our toes in the water…..ahhhhhh, and a cold beer in hand!

Jake, eh

Sounds promising SUJ, one can only hope. We never know what the future may hold, but the Gov’t being willing to work with other countries is a step in the right direction.

Jake, eh

We will be down there at the same time but I’ll be on Isla Mujeres…so close and yet so far! I will wave to you from the island ;D

Happy travels

Remember to stand on your "Bubbles"…..I mean "toes", oh you know what I mean, have a great trip.

HEY!!!I resemble that remark! I wonder if the beer cart girl will bring me ribs on the golf course…..excuse me, I have an email to send, and it’s going to be tagged "URGENT".

Jake, eh

Thanks for the heads up Terry, I’ll be looking for the green shirt if I don’t see the ribs. We always used to be able to just order what we wanted right from the bar……..I’m not good with change……it might drive me to drink!

Jake, eh

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