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Hi-I’m going to Playa del Carmen for a language course in the mornings but would like to go to a hotel on the beach in the afternoons. Does anyone know if day fees are a possibility, and are there any hotels on the beach that are not all inclusive where I might be able to go?

Thanks for your help

do you have any recommendations for the ones with good beaches?

Hi- I’m going to Mexico to study spanish and want to take a few days first at an all inclusive near Playa del Carmen, to relax. Can you advise me on which resorts have the best beach? I will be a women on my own and mostly i just want quiet time by the beach. Thanks!

Hi- hope some people can help me- I need to stay overnight for just one night in nassau in tranist somewhere else. I was planning on using rewards miles for a free hilton hotel, but it’s not available. Has anyone stayed at the cable beach raddison hotel? Can you give me your opinion? looking for something safe and secure ( single woman) – not dirty/moldy, and preferably by the beach. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! will be staying there April 12.

Thank you!!!!

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