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Yes Senor Azul, it is possible to go to a grocery store. There is an enormous grocery on the main road, almost down to Oranjestad. The buses run back and forth along the hotel strip to Oranjestad all day. It only costs a few dollars for bus fare. Buses are safe. Especially if you have some sort of refrigerator in your room, the grocery would be a money saving idea.Jerry. Would it be possible to go to a grocery store and buy bread, cheese and fruits for lunches? I would like to try differents types of vacations but I worried it might get very expensive. Ciao!

Señor Azul

Hi guys!Well the wife is insisting on Aruba for this year’s vacation… yea, I know, but she’s the boss!! (Just kidding since she’s looking over my shoulder as I type.)Anyway, my question is about approximate eating costs in Aruba?The local travel agents say that eating is VERY expensive. I’m wondering if they’re really trying to push the all-inclusives? (They seem to promote the DIVI and the Tamarjn, which are AI.) So what’s the real story? During our 7 day stay, I expect to have 2 or 3 of the $100 suppers, but what about the rest of the meals? Thanks in advance,JerryinPA.
OK, we just got back from Aruba and the Holiday Inn. Here are my thoughts…We did not go All Inclusive. Those who did, did a fair amount of complaining that once the staff saw the blue AI wristband, they weren’t particularly interested in waiting on you. I heard this fairly often.In general, Holiday Inn waitstaff seemed understaffed, slow, and generally "uninspired". Sorry to sound kind of hard, but that was our experience.We paid as we went for food and drink, and came in priced far less than the AI option would have cost us. Going AI would have added $1000 to the trip cost for the wife and I.One of the nicest things in Aruba is the wide variety of restaurants there, and the ease and safety of transportation to the various restaurants. My personal opinion is that unless drinking alcoholic beverages is a high priority, skip the AI and get the enjoyment of dining around. I drank a couple of Balashi’s (the local beer) with lunch, and a couple with supper. Wife had one mixed drink with lunch and one with supper. Bagels and tea for breakfast ran around $10. Lunches ran $20 to $25. Suppers ranged from $35 to $75.The Holiday Inn is older. Very clean. Our patio door wouldn’t close properly and rattled in the wind. Most people that I spoke with had requested a room change. We just stuffed a washcloth in the patio door to stop the rattle and just let it leak air… they were paying for the Air Conditioning, and we were on the seventh floor so security wasn’t a concern.My biggest complaint was that there were an insufficient number of palapas on the beach. To "reserve" a palapa, people told us that they got up at 5:00 AM and went down to the beach. I didn’t pay $2500 and travel 2500 miles to get up at 5:00 in the morning so we said the hell with it and we sat under the shade of the palm trees. (The only negative about this is that you need to keep moving the chair a few inches every 20 minutes as the shade moves.) Plenty of broken chairs also to sort through to get a couple of good ones.If there is anything specific that I can help anyone out with, feel free to email me off-group at my private email.

It is [email protected]

Enjoy,Jerry in Pennsylvania.

anyone ever stayed at holiday inn? how is the food and the resort thinking of going in April. Hi solazul;

We haven’t yet, but we’re going at the end of February. email me early March and I’ll let you know how it was. my email is [email protected]

There are about 8 reviews on the review page. Wife and I just read them this morning.


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