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I’ve been looking at the prices out of Winnipeg for a couple of weeks now and the prices to Cuba destinations all went up $80.00 yesterday

Late evening flights are also happening in Winnipeg. Out of the four Sunwing flights a week going to Cuba this winter, one is a 08:00am depature, but with a stop over in Thunder Bay, ON. I can’t understand why they restructured it that way!!!!

Has there been any news lately with concerns to any changes with the Cuban currency?

Please post some pictures of the teams in action and the scores of the tournament when you come back. Thanks.

I’m not sure if those souvenirs are actually "Hecho en Mexico". I would rather buy an item that is actually hand made or produced in Mexico, rather than something made in China.

I’m not sure if you know that Cozumel is an island just a few miles off of the Mexican coast mainland. You would have to take a ferry boat from the port island of Cozumel to Playa del Carmen. Then you could take a taxi directly to the airport.
If you have US dollars on hand already, you can use that. You are better off exchanging to Mexican Pesos from Canadian. It is not a wise idea to exchange from Canadian to American and then to Pesos. You will be losing money on the exchanges. Credit cards are acceptable too.

Spectacular pictures and video. Keep up the great work.

I would check out the Cabo Wabo Cantina. It’s owned by rock star Sammy Hagar.

Thanks. I enjoy reading the monthly issue.

Sometime in the future I will definitely return to the Iberostar Quetzal/Tucan in Playa del Carmen.

Yeah Jetpilot; but I bet it would an empty bottle!
I may just have to finish off a bottle, she might be my date!!!!!
to me the show was a "meh" . Piped in laugh track etc. He crossed the road and got an applause? I enjoyed seeing the sights etc but to me it was pretty lame. That was pretty much my take on it. 

I don’t think some of the guests were too amused with his antics.

Very good live stream. Thanks.

I sent out three text messages already to a friend who lives in Cardenas. I’m not sure if they received it or not. They should of sent out a text back to me already. Just makes me wonder if the texts went through properly. I never got any error messages back. I’m thinking maybe that their reply didn’t go through because the 119-1- wasn’t put in? Not sure what the steps are for reply texts from locals in Cuba are.

If I text a friend who lives in Varadero, Cuba, would I do it using the first seven digits: 011-53-52-XXXXXXIf my Cuban friend contacts me by text to Manitoba(204), would they do it this way:119-1-204-XXX-XXXXThanks to whoever can confirm the proper way.

Checking on todays exchange rate.

Just wanted to check up on the weather before I leave for Cuba tomorrow morning. Yay!!!

Leaving January 22nd for Iberostar Tainos. YAY!!!!

Any bets about when the first Walmart will be built?

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