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Does any one remember a photograph of Havana posted on the Forums about Cuba accepting Capatalism? It was an April Fool’s joke and was posted a few years back.

I will be travelling to Mexico in April this year ( 2014 ) and would like to know what would be the best currency to take. Do I just take Mexican Pesos, American Dollars or both? What currency must I use to pay for trips?This has sometimes put me off going to Dominican Republic when British tourists use two different currencies.

Also what would anyone recommend of how much to tip waiters, bar staff and room maids.

I have seen plenty of bottles of it in the supermarket in Plaza Americana Varadero, cigar shops in Havana and Varadero and duty free in Varadero airport. Going back to Cuba next month and might buy a bottle. Didn’t buy any last time and finding it harder now to find Cubita instant coffee. It used to be sold in small tins and last time bought Montecristo filtered coffee in a tin.
That’s the only problem is discovering something you really like then can’t get when you go back. Another one of my favorites is Pinata and is good for making cocktails. It’s fruit flavored powder that dissolves in drinking water and is full of vitamins. They use large packets of something similar to make Daiquiri’s in the hotels. Enjoy your drinks!!! ;D

I recently come back from Varadero and stayed in the Blau. I did visit another resort 4 times which I had stayed many times. The first time I walked past security ok, but went straight to the reception just to let them know I was just visiting. The fourth and last time I knew the guy on security ( a jobs worth) and he called the manager and guest relations manager. He finally let me in but turned my wrist band the other way. During my visits I was allowed to drink in the bars.

I am going back to Varadero in June and recently booked again for December. I have been informed that when you enter Cuba and show your passport you will also need to show proof that you have insurance. People in the UK usually pay travel insurance anyway either through a travel agent or a bank before travelling outside the UK. It’s not Cuba that is charging for insurance.

My last couple of trips to Cuba I have taken cell phones. No problems at all but Cubans still have to pay a lot of money for the phones to get converted. Given up taken a cell phones.

Seen a documentary last night called Trevor McDonalds Secret Caribbean and mainly featured Havana. It also had Richard Branson in The British Virgin Islands and Trinidad.

If you go to

Search for it in the I Player. If you live outside the UK and can’t view it then have a look on You Tube. ;D

It used to be known as Brisas Del Caribe, but changed to Oasis Brisas Del Caribe. Doesn’t get great reviews on here or Trip Advisor, but to me it’s become like a second home.
I have been to the same hotel in Varadero about 12 times and going back in May. Unfortunately it is no longer listed in any brochures in the UK. It was taken out of the Thomas Cook (Sunset) brochure last year. This trip will be with First Choice, but it’s not in their latest brochure. I have many friends at the resort.
Is it possible to book a return flight from the UK and try to make an advance booking? Don’t like the idea of booking online and don’t have a credit card. There is another option of trying another resort near, but it wouldn’t be the same. Or have I been spoilt too much by getting 5 star service.

Can’t get a flight next year from Manchester to Margarita either.

I have been going to Cuba since 1999 and I went to Margarita for the first time last year. Cuba is a hell of a lot cleaner than Margarita. Talking to some Venezuelans in Cuba in October and they said the same. After Hurricane Wilma passed towards Florida some years back, I remember all the rubbish on the Varadero beach. It was littered with Mayabe beer cans. Only ever seen Mayabe in a small store on the all inclusive catamaran cruises.One day I was in Cardenas having a bar crawl and everytime I finished an old man or woman would take the empties for recycling.Many UK cities are far worse because of all the junk food outlets.

I was recently looking for an alternative holiday later this year and thought about Cape Verde. The only hotel in the Thomson brochure was a Riu hotel. I was told that the flight was ok but they couldn’t book me in a single room or pay for a room for sole use. This also happened with two Riu hotels in the Dominican Republic a few years back. So I thought about going back to Margarita only to find there are no flights from Manchester. Really had a great time in the Dunes hotel last year.
I should be happy that I will be returning to Oasis Brisas Del Caribe in Cuba during May. Have visited this resort about 12 times and it’s not featured anymore in any UK holiday brochures.

Would it be safe to travel to Florida on my own and leave all my belongings on Miami beach while I go for a swim? Hotels anywhere in the US are mainly based on room only. It would be far to costly to travel to Florida for two weeks. Also you are more likely to survive a hurricane in Cuba!

Cubans staying at the resorts is nothing new. I have met many of them over recent years. It is true that it is expensive for a Cuban to stay in an AI. As for apartheid, many Cuban diplomats and delegates have been banned from staying in American hotels in other countries. Two of them countries were Norway and Mexico which do not support the blockade on Cuba.

It won’t put me off travelling in June/July this year. People in the UK are still going on holidays to Egypt and Israel despite all the problems in the Middle East. I’m not really worried yet and I don’t think there is any concern to panic even if holiday companies tried to persuade people not to go!
1999 at the Gran Hotel Varadero and stayed there twice. This hotel changed it’s name and it had a corridor which led into the Mambo Club. It was free entry for visitors staying in that hotel. The was only one year that I haven’t been and always stay at Brisas Del Caribe. Now been to Cuba 10 times and my most recent visit was October this year. Do travel to other countries but none of them compare to the warmth and friendliness of the Cuban people. Mojitos, Salsa dancing and beauftiful Cuban chicas.

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