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I LOVE the choo-choo-wah song from Brisas Santa Lucia – 3 years later it’s still in my head!!! We’ll be at Gran Club in 3 days – hopefully they have it to, otherwise maybe they’ll do it at Brisas when we are there for the beach bar crawl.

Has anyone been to Gran Club? I’ve been over in the review section and the last review was over a year ago. There are reviews on TA but I’m looking for more Any hints and tips about the resort would be great too – which al a cartes are the best, etc. We were at Brisas a few years ago and loved it but it is priced pretty high this year compared to the other 3 resorts, so we decided to try Gran Club.
Thanks for the responses. I researched further and found on the Canadian gov’t travel website that OHIP card is sufficient.

Spunky, maybe you didn’t read through my OP but we have unlimited 100% medical and evacuation coverage through my husband’s employer which is much superior to buying coverage from a travel supplier. There is a direct worldwide (call collect) number on the card.

Okay, I haven’t been to Cuba in 3 years, when doing an online mock booking I get a message saying that I have to have proof of medical insurance upon arrival in Cuba. We are insured (more than adequate unlimited coverage including unlimited evacuation to Canada) through DHs employer and we have a laminated card with an employee number but no names on it – is this adequate proof or do we need something that shows all of our names?

Wow I posted this a year and a half ago and still no replies – lol. We ended up going on a cruise this year and I came back on today to research Costa Rica again for next year and find that nobody has gone to any resort that would appear to be kid friendly at all in the past year?!?!

Considering Costa Rica for a family vacation next year. Son will be 9 years old. Are there any resorts with activities for kids that age? Nice beach for swimming/snorkeling? In an area with excursions that will interest a 9 year old?

At one time you had to have a gov’t receipt to take cigars out of Cuba. That has now changed. I checked with several people while in Cuba in February, including an employee of the gov’t run cigar store and two different travel company reps, and was told that you can now take black market cigars out of the country. The only restriction is the alotment back into Canada – 50 per person. Going through Cuban customs when departing, I was not asked if I had cigars, or anything for that matter. Fifteen years ago when I was in Cuba you could not take black market cigars out of the country.

The lady I sat with did say that she had both Cuban and Canadian citizenship. As I said, she had very broken English and I had a hard time understanding her, but she did say something about her job (not sure if she meant the one she has now in Canada or her previous job in Cuba) and that it costs a lot of money and is very hard. I don’t know if she meant it would cost a lot of money and is very hard to go back to Cuba or just what she was referring to. Her job was also mentioned in this reply (but she was in Cuba for 2 months so I’m wondering if she even has a job in Canada?), so maybe she was saying she wouldn’t have a job if she went back? I just felt really bad for her when she told me that she was all by herself in Canada while her entire family was in Cuba (she looked about 50 years old or so). Just wondered why she didn’t move back to Cuba to be with her family.

Awesome pictures eeeefarm. We went snorkeling at the reef and at the beach at the Brisas but didn’t see near as many species as you did! Very windy the days we were there maybe that’s why? Your pictures are great. We had a Fujifilm underwater disposable and an Olympus underwater digital but could not see a thing in the screen of the Olympus (no view finder) and just had to shot and hope the fish was in the picture (most times it wasn’t!!!!) Actually got better shots with the Fujifilm with the view finder. Any tips?

I sat beside a Cuban lady on the plane on the way back to Canada. She immigrated to Canada but was in Cuba for 2 months visiting her family. She told me that she lives in Canada completely by herself – her husband died a few years ago in Canada – and all of her family – sons, mother, siblings live in Cuba. She had very broken English and I could not understand her very well so didn’t want to ask questions. She did tell me that her one son is a nurse and the other a physiotherapist in Cuba, so they have done well. But I am wondering if Cubans who emigrate from Cuba maybe aren’t allowed to move back? Anyone know how that works. I’m just curious.

We were given the old card last week which included the name and location of the resort .

Just got back and I got $68 CUC for $100 CND at the Cadeca. I don’t understand why the CUC is worth so much more than the CND $ – I know practically nothing about how dollar values are determined but I always thought it was based on trade figures – does that mean Cuba does more trading value than Canada????? Or do they make their own rate and take us "wonderful Canadians – as they were always calling us" to the cleaners?

You’re welcome! Forgot to mention that the headset is complimentary. Have a great trip.

No, we had no trouble with not having hot water – actually it could be too hot! We always showered in the late afternoon. Maybe the hot water was scarce in the morning because of lots of people showering? I submitted the room request about two weeks prior to arrival. Have a great time – we wish we were still there! It is a great resort.

I’m pretty sure that clients booked with Nolitours get beach towels in their room. I didn’t book with them. I also read somewhere on one of these forums that Nolitour clients get a bottle of rum and a bottle of water in their fridge – not sure if that is still current or not though.

I have darkish skin and hardly ever burn. I was in Cuba, just returned, and burnt even with SPF 30 (and I had a good base tan from the tanning bed before I went!). I would strongly recommend 45 or 50 for your son. I used 45 for my nose and even it burnt the first day because I didn’t reapply frequently enough.

Just flew with Cubana. On the way to Cuba they played a movie – in English. It was called "Reservation" I think – not sure if it is a new release or not. On the way home they only played commercials. Both ways was a croissant turkey sandwich. The drinks were not free – not sure about pop/juice.

I just returned tonight from the Brisas. I loved it. The only thing I didn’t like was the towel deposit – but then I used that money (10 CUC per towel) as part of my departure tax. 99% of the staff were amazing. The food was good – but as at most resorts it got a bit boring. The Cuban and Italian al a cartes were very good – the Cuban was absolutely wonderful. I didn’t think I would like it but it was great – Cuban cabbage roll, pork loin, steak which both had a brushetta-like sauce on them. They also offered chicken breast and fish. We did the lobster dinner excursion to Coco Beach, the cataraman tour that is offered free to Hola Sun and Nolitours (not sure about other agencies) and the free "train" tour of Santa Lucia. I’ll be posting my review soon. Any other specific questions you have – ask away.

We just returned home from the Brisas today. We requested a 2nd story ocean view room via email and we assigned just that – in building 5. It was a very central location. The beach was in front, the snack bar and pool to the side, entertainment stage close and the buffet restaurant about a 1 minute walk. You could hear the entertainment at night but that was it. We were usually tired enough that if we didn’t make the show, the noise didn’t stop of from sleeping! Others have written that buildings 3, 4 and 5 are the best. We didn’t have any problems with the air conditioning – actually had to readjust the thermostat it was so cold. The washroom was adequate – clean, but old – not sure what you mean by a nice washroom but it certainly provided what a washroom usually does – including a bidet!

There are many recent reviews on Tripadvisor. We are going on Thursday to the Brisas – I will post a review on here upon our return. Most of the reviews for any of the resorts in Santa Lucia/Camaguey on Tripadvisor are positive – check it out.

Thanks….I feel better knowing that my pics should at least turn out "ok". I had read about a "case" that I could get to fit over my Canon digital to waterproof and allow it to be used underwater but really didn’t want to take the chance with one of those!

Has anyone used the Fujifilm disposable underwater camera? I picked one up to use when snorkeling. Do they take half decent pictures?

Went and got a couple 20 oz Bubba’s from Canadian Tire today. But am I missing something or doing something wrong? The lids are a pain in the behind! If I twist it on, I can’t get the sipper in the right place – it is behind the handle or somewhere not convenient to drink from while holding the handle and although I can push it on, it is quite difficult and difficult again to get off!!!! What am I missing here???? Once I’ve had a few drinks into me I’m sure I won’t be able to get it on or off!!!!

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