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Unless you are hammered and then it kind of balances things out

I have stayed several kinds of rooms and thought that I would not care since you "never spend time in your room anyways". However, once you have a nice room with a nice balcony you find yourself laying out in the sun or sitting and reading in the privacy of your own space. When you want all the comotion you head up on deck, but gives you some options. There are some price differences though.

I have taken the Disney Cruise and flew to the cape. Actually think we flew into Sanford and then they took us by bus to the port. It was a long bus ride but everything worked out fine. I have mixed feelings about this overpriced cruise. I actually think my son had more fun on RCC in October than on Disney.

Sorry I am so late that it won’t help you. Could have given you both answers. Hope you found a nice place near LAX. We stayed at SU CASA in Venice Beach and loved it. Great place(brand new), nice people and centrally located. We walked almost everywhere we wanted to go. By the way its right on the beach.

Belize city has a zoo?

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