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That you for that update. I have been in contact with someone who did tell me that they are not closing down, and that they probably won’t be building any new rooms in 2009.
Thanks for the number!!

I did receive an email back from guest services at the Occidental Hotels – and I was told that they are not shutting down. They had thought they would build more rooms, but does not look like this will happen next year.

I still don’t trust the vacation club. Being members we had a problem with honesty on a booking in 2006 for Punta Cana – and it ruined our vacation with our family.I have contacted the Occidental Vacation Club directly and am waiting for an answer. In the mean time I have been unable to locate an email for the Grand Papagayo.We really want to visit Costa Rica but want to be sure before we go.


Hello,I am new to the Costa Rica forum, and to Costa Rica! My husband and I are seriously thinking of going to the Grand Papagayo with friends and staying in the Royal Club area of the hotel. (we are Vacation Club members)In my on-line travels I read this hotel was scheduled to be shut down in 2009 for renovations. Has anyone else heard this? Any additional input on this resort would be appreciated!


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