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But Royal PDC itself is not a party place. I dont think you can even get a drink after 12am..which is ok for me….but you are so close to town. Its a great hotel. Food food…..and not too far from Starbuck on Fifth Avenue!

It was fantastic! 8 beautiful days (ok 1.5 hrs of rain one day!)Peeps, food, drink fab….I was in room 909. Considering its ocean VIEW I’m glad I didnt pay for ocean FRONT.The only real issue is the beach chair game at the pool and the beach hut game…….Worst i’ve seen at any resort….But I gained almost 5 pounds in eight days. That SHOULD tell you something about the food.

Despite the minor issues, I definitely would consider this hotel again.

Can anyone provide some basic info on RIu Palace Aruba. I’ve done research but I’d like to hear from people who were there.If you have a map of the hotel, or know where I can find one on the internet, I’d really appreciate it.

There arent very many reviews here……I dont want to rely on "another well known board" with the intials T.A.)

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