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at low tide..we look at it as another type of scenary then the usual beach/ocean view…. we will use that time to walk and explore… You get pools of water that different smaller fish get trapped in…. shells… all sorts of hidden treasures to check out…Loosing the day in and out.. was one of the reasons we decided to go for 2 weeks… bonus !!….enjoy your vacation… where ever you decide to go… !!

Last week travellers arrived home yesterday… hopefully they will post some info… and we will have some things to read…
this board is not very lively.. !!

Hi, I have been to SAI, you will have a special time on this island. It is nothing fancy, but the local people you will meet will make your time unforgotable.I was bite by SAI magic a few years ago and I know I will return one day.San Luis is a very rustic type of resort, very clean, very good food. You are able to take advantages of all the Decameron’s on san andres.

have a very good vacation

Yes there is a departure tax, around $30 US each.You will find that prices for any trip will go down but you have to check daily, they will go down gradually, then be back at original prices the closer it gets to when you want to leave.Do the usual, If you do not want to use the bank machines, bring small US bills, lots of ones for tipping and then no bigger then a $20 bill for purchases, it is easier for them to make change for you and to get converted to colombia pesos.

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