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Interesting fact – the coffee that is provided in most resort rooms is packaged in Mississauga, ON!

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been approached with this scam, especially at the airports. I come down to Cuba loaded with gifts and a little extra money to use for tips. Sorry, but I only give out to those I see working hard or helping myself and my family to enjoy ourselves on our vacation. If the scammers had served my meal/drove me to the lobby/carried my luggage/was consistently kind and friendly to my kids/etc than I would willingly and happily offer them a tip or a useful gift. (please, I know gift-giving is a much debated issue, let’s stick to the topic of this particular thread) I would do so in recognition of their efforts to make our vacation that much better.

When someone attempts a scam on me or my family, whether here at home in Canada or out of the country, I feel violated and offended, regardless of the pettiness of the scam. This coin scam is nothing new, and regardless of the small percentage of loss one would "suffer" I still find it offensive.

Prices are traditionally higher in March, lower in October. October is slightly riskier than March as far as the weather is concerned. Also, most places will be busier in March than in October due to March Break holidays, also the reason why prices are higher at that time.

We just came back early Monday morning. Family of five, including our 13 & 11 yr old girls and 13 month old son. We requested adjoining rooms but got rooms right next to each other instead. No worries for us. I do know that in block 32 there are adjoining rooms. We were in block 25, with the path to the beach sports centre (Punto Nautica) right outside our door. Very convenient for going to the beach, and a VERY short walk to the family pool.

If you’re worried about losing your review, why not write it Word and then cut and paste it into the form?

If you’re willing to wait until May you can certainly save yourself hundreds of $$$.

I’m going on the assumption that the original poster’s comments were written to bait us into replying with the truth. Or at least those members (martain, rainbow, etc.) who know better. I would be silly of me and others like me who only travel to AI resorts to try and speak for the "average Cuban" on these points. Having said that, there are plenty of us who are certainly NOT tourons (AnneM, yhz, etc) who can make educated observations while understanding where we are – an AI resort – and who we are talking to – hard working resort workers who aim to please in deed and in word. martian, thank you for the reply. I hope that what you wrote clears up some of the misinformation that was started here.

I enjoy searching for deals myself when it comes to our packaged family travel. When I travel to Europe I use a very trustworthy TA that gets me great deals that I cannot find myself.

No, you can have your own carry on as well as the diaper bag. We travelled with Sunwing with our then 6 month old and had no problems. However, the less you have to carry with you on board the easier it is to get around. You’re only on the plane for less than 4 hours…

We took our son to Holguin in November when he was 6 months old – it was fantastic for him and for us. We brought our own bottle warmer and converter, a kettle to boil water (that we left with a friend) and plenty of jarred food and dry cereal. He really did enjoy himself and was no problem on the plane. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised with how he was during the time we were there. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Here are a couple of videos of him enjoying himself in the pool at the resort:

Flew with them Nov 4th/11th to/from Holguin (via Montego Bay!) and had nothing of note happen, other than the disappointment of having to stopover in Montego Bay on the way down. We bought our ticket making sure it would be a direct flight since it was the first time flying with our infant son. Once the e-tickets arrived we saw the flight change, but nothing to do about it since that’s the risk you take (see the fine print). In the end it wasn’t much of a problem. Our son was great on the plane. The staff were very friendly with us, mostly because they fell for Niko. We upgraded to Elite Plus so we could have the bulkhead seats, and it was worth it because of the baby, but we wouldn’t bother if it was just us. We did have to pay for extra weight ($20/kilo) but we were expecting to have to do that. Oh, the only other perk about getting Elite Plus was having the separate line in Toronto. The regular line up was quite long by the time we got there, so going up to the empty Elite Plus line was nice since it meant less time waiting with Niko.

We always bring at least 4 cans of Pringles. They stay fresh and remain relatively intact. Not the healthiest, but then again, that’s not why we’re on holiday. Great for a snack in the room when leftovers from the buffet won’t do. But make sure you DO NOT leave any crumbs on the floor!

Not quite up to 100% – the eastern portion of the resort (right if you are facing the ocean) was still under repair as of our departure, November 11th. The Seafood restaurant is still under reconstruction – the roof repairs mainly – and the sports building at the beach was still completely gone.

We found it funny that our 6 month old had to get his own passport – the funniest was that he was not "allowed" to smile in his picture, nor could the picture show anyone holding him…

If you are interested, here are a series of videos I recorded before and after Paloma at Playa Pesquero. What started off as light-hearted turned a bit serious. Fortunately for those in the area it turned out okay.

You’ll have to scroll down and start with "Prepping for Paloma at Playa Pesquero#1", ending with "Our Niko in the pool…". Pardon the quality, they were shot using the video setting on a simple digital still camera.


We bought the Elite PLus package and were told it did NOT include extra 10kg by the checkin attendant in Holguin. We were 16 kg over (which would NOT have been over with the extra 10kg each) and he decided to "do us a favour". I thanked him but did not tip him, which I believe what he was getting at.

Hard to have coastline if you aren’t on the east or West coast…

Assuming the shores of our lakes are included in this discussion…

Hi Deb,

Check your private messages – I sent you some info.

Since you said no resorts, I can’t suggest Playa Pesquero, which is near perfect for wheelchair accessibility.

What are your secrets for getting the best possible price on your travel ?Gordon "Cubaking" Robinson

Port Alberni B.C.

Research, research and more research!!!

Research cubed indeed!

My first stop is with whom our company has a corporate affiliation. That’s how we booked our trip to PP Nov 4-11. Otherwise, research.

Liken_D_Sun – apparently when I was an infant I was handled by everyone my parents met on our travels. Same with my younger brother. It was the same with thing with the girls and now with Niko we have no worries about passing him around. The staff at Playa Pesquero know us from our previous trips with the girls, so they will surely take to Niko right away! I’m sure he’ll be out of our hands quite a bit at meal times. Looking forward to it – the interaction is great for infants. Myself, my brother and our girls are extroverts, and I attribute some of that to this.

Hey bluesunset – we’re on the West Mountain – where are you?

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