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Nice ;DWe have not figured out where to go yet

Will keep that date in mind


Sunwing is quoting a 7 3/4 hr flight to Panama… I believe it stops in Liberia CR… do you have the same?


Thanks for the heads up on flight time

Wow a really newbieTime of year makes a difference in pricingStill you ask in $CDNYour choice are to check out, Nolitours.caSunwing fly on Saturday and Nolitours is Monday

I thought I saw a package ,week at a resort then a week cruising southern Caribbean

Sunwing does Breezes, Noitour RD
Just better for work to leave on a Saturday

Are you really Koz? Hmmmm, maybe if all things work out………. If I start to work more, been a slow summer, but I have a great tan ;DI like the fact Sunwing leaves on Saturday

Noiltour leaves on Monday

How is the sand on the beach same as the RD?Do you get to see the sunset over the oceans?

Looking at going end of Jan 2011

usually water is avible to drink on boardThe water is pretty good, same water that would be in tea, coffee or soup

Bottle water is over rated

Does anyone know if Transat fly to Belize and if they have club class on the route ?

Have you check Transat website?

Just got back, there is no talk of H1N1

So what made you decide to go back to El Sav instead of Panama?Or choice another place?

Do you have a departure time yet?

That is good to knowI will make sure I book a different week LOLWe will be looking at the price during October to see if there any deals

Was also looking at Breezes in Panama and Belize

I read it is openning this October , will have seewhat the pricing is

Was on Tripcentral playing round on noticed that they had a Breezes resort in Santa ClaraIt did not give tour company, but it did fly out on Saturday in JanuaryBreezes website said it was in Santa Clara, but SC on google maps shows the city in the centre of Panama?Anyone have any other info

fly CC, never, I would up grade my resort for the money spent for CC

CanJet was just as good has AT, AC, Skyservice and Canadian Pacific ( I’m I dating my self LOL)
My wife said Ward Air was the best

Back on trackWas on Canjet yesterday

Their new planes 737 are lease returns from

Still have Germany writing instead of FrenchMovies work on the plane down but not on the flight homeCoffee machines not working yetHad screaming kid beside me ( or behind me, parent did not pre book)on way homeThey had try to take our seats in row 1 ( more leg room) because he had a 2 year old on his knee

It was funny to hear the mom complain about not getting a good tan because they had to get into the shade because of the little one, and how they had no night life because they had be in the room early with the baby

Hi Koz:I am sure you will find StageWest to your liking. I’ll ask when you guys get back. You and the missus have a great time. Do you think they will let me on the water slide ;D

What food places is there within walking distance?

Central America is an interesting place to visit
San Andrea Island is pretty cool

I am not going to be spend much money this year in Cuba
Probably just a couple bottles of rum

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