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Hi,First time to Jamaica and obviously to JRB, travelling with my wife and 2 kids(3-7). I have quite a few questions and hopefully I will get answers to some of them.1-Staying in a regular(premium) room, from what I understand there are 3 buildings: Topaz-Ruby-Opal, which one would be be the quieter one, as my youngest might need a nap in the afternoon, which building should I request a room in ?2-Again, from my understanding, staying in a regular room you don’t get beer in the stocked fridge? Is this correct ? Is this negotiable…can I trade my pops for beer ?3-There is no reservation needed for the restaurant except the Japanese, how does it work ? First come first serve ?4-Which e-mail should I use if I want to e-mail the resort for special request ?5-I know that JRB has it’s own transfer from the airport to the resort, but is this only if you booked directly with them? I guess this is more for Canadians that have traveled with Sunwing , will it be a Sunwing transfer or the JRB ? If it’s the JRB at least this will guarantee a direct trip to resort without any stops along the way.6-Airport to JRB is around 1h -1h15 ?7-I know there is no way to predict this, but we should be at the Montego Bay airport on a Friday at 10h30am, is this generally a crazy time at the airport or not really ?
Just back from a great week at the PP. Wonderful weather, sunny and 30ish, from the moment we left the airplane to when we got back on it. I’ll try to write a review by the end of the week, but not much to complained about. Great weather, resort, staff, beer, rum and mojitos ! Thanks again for all the help from everyone who answered my thousand questions about Cuba and the Pesquero.I’ll be glad to answer any questions.
Is Cuba changing their clock an hour this weekend or is it only in April ?


AnitaMargarita : Thanks for the info, I believe you convince me to book a superior room, I guess it’s better to have more space than not enough. Yes, I’ll try the UHT milk over the weekend to see how the little one likes it !Does anyone knows what section of the resort Sunwing has it’s block of rooms ?

Also, do you guys usually tries to request a particular location/room by e-mail before going ?

I’m still debating if we are going to upgrade to a superior room or not. Has anyone stayed in a superior room ? Looking at the rooms descriptions, only 3 thinks I can see, is that the superior has a refrigerator, distilled water( whatever that means…) and electronic keys…. The refrigerator could come really handy if that’s the case.

We are planning on leaving from Ottawa on March 21st, so not much option, it will be with Sunwing, departing at 6 am and arriving at around 11h40 in Holguin if I’m not mistaken. Looks like we have to stop by Cayo Coco on our way….Is the beer free on the bus ride ? Yeah, does toilet never seems to work….
ald1 – Do you thing the larger room is worth it if we have an extra crib in the room, or it’s really would not make much difference ??Domeco : Are the cribs a decent size ? Did you stay an a regular room or a superior one ?The transfer from the airport to the resort, is it by bus ?? Thanks for all your help !
Thanks, can you board strollers with you on the plane. We will probably bring a small size one with us. Do you have to check it ?Another question, at what time the a-la-carte opens at night ? Is it difficult to get reservation for the first sitting ?
Hi everyone,I’m planning my first trip to Cuba at the Playa Pesquero in Holguin in March. It will also be the first plane and out of country trip with my 2 year old.I have a few questions about the Playa Pesquero and Cuba in general:-What’s the difference between a Superior room VS a Regular room at the Pesquero ?-Website is saying it’s about 1h trip from the airport, is that true ?-Looking at the resort layout, it’s pretty big, is there some building we should try to avoid ?-How far a walk is it to the beach itself ? -What brand of beer at the resort, Crystal ? Is there some decent rum available ?-Is there some medical staff on-site ?-I’ve been to the Riviera Maya twice, without any issues with food and water. Never been too stressed out about it, we were careful without being paranoid, but now with the kid, I’m a bit more worried about it. What’s the water situation in Cuba ? Should we avoid it at all cost, like brushing our teeth ?? -What’s the milk like at the resort ? Should it be safe for him ?-I’ve read some reports saying that people had problems with mosquito and sand flies bites.. I guess it’s like any where else, it depends on the time of the year and the kind of weather, but what should we expect in mid-March ?

Thanks !

What really surprised me is that if something happen on a Cruise ship, you are pretty much stuck to deal with the problem by yourself… The FBI can actually get involved for a US citizen(from what I understood anyway), but for us Canadians, you can’t expect much from the government or the police…
Hi,I think most of the cruise lines don’t mind if you bring a few wine bottles on board whit you, but if you want to drink them in any of the bars/restaurants on the ship they will charge you between 10-15$ to open your own bottle. I didn’t have any problems bringing some booze with me in my checked baggage. Also, I bought a six pack of beer in St.Thomas and one in St. Martens and didn’t have any problem bringing them on board and into my room(I was on a Princess ship). Of course, if they see you coming in with a 24 pack, it might be a different story.
Hi everyone, this is a nice addition to this board, since it’s quite difficult to find good information on cruises. I went on the Princess Caribbean eastern cruise last January, if someone has any questions I will do my best to answer them. It was my first and only cruise, so I can’t compare with others but I had a lot of fun and the ship is quite amazing.The ports of call that we did : St. Maarten,Netherlands Antilles – St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and Princess Cays(witch is the private part of an Island owned by Princess in the Bahamas).The voyage embarkation port was Ft.Lauderdale Fla.

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