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Looking at resorts where you can get good snorkelling right off the shore, stayed at Breezes Jiboca couple of years ago and it was fantastic but would like to in Varadero (closer to city).
Any suggestions would be great, love the coral and fish.

Don’t know if you found one, but I bought one a year ago, the make is Silicone Graphics. Can get them on ebay for about 75 dollars. Uses triple A batteries, SD memory card, and really takes excellent pictures. Have blown several to 8 x 10 and very clear. Had a waterproof Pentax prior and was about 350.00 and pictures were Ok but leaked and I ended up tossing it.

Thanks everyone, I plan on getting my bottle and bringing on plane. Probably a lot cheaper outside the airport.

How are restrictions about carry on out of Cuba, why I ask is rum do I have to check it or can you go through security in Cuba with Rum?


Can anyone advise me of distance from Bahia Principe Coba to the Great Beach at Akumal specifically the Dive Shop and the Lo Ha Restaurant and Bar? Would like to walk down the beach if not to far.

Thanks for the help

ald1, good question, that is what I’d like to figure out too. Maps don’t seem to show. Sure hope can get an answer.

I have been trying to find this hotel in relation to Akumal Beach Hotel and the snorkeling at Akumal. Not sure on which hotel to stay at, want to snorkel every day but need good food. Have to be close to hotel due to cancer issues, any suggestions would be great. Snorkeling is best exercise but can’t walk long distances so want to snorkel every day. Last year took cab to Akumal for day so this year want to be right there.Not sure where this hotel is in relation to THE BEACH where the turtles and barracuda, eels etc are.Help Please


Spend a few bucks more and go somewhere else. Beach is horrible, rooms are real bad unless you upgrade. They do have good food, nice people and beautiful gardens but the beach urned us off. Also, it is very noisy and drunks galore, I was embarrassed to admit I am Canadian with the fools. Staff couldn’t or wouldn’t settle them down. If going avoid Nolitours, worst service we have ver had with flights, and bookings. I would personally go closer to Akumal Beach, you don’t need to leave the resort there, miles of sand, turtles, much better snorlelling.

Renee, read before you yap. First the plane Can We Make It Jet came on intercom as we were on board and they announced the water and toilet situation. Nolitours is brutal, why won’t they answer phones, return messages, email us back after we told them our concerns of the trip? When they put you in the wrong hotel and the Company Nolitours won’t correct, I would say that is their problem. Bebitteasud, I empathize with you, sounds like our experience to a tee.
Rene or Renee, try the others, not one sinks as low as Nolitours, they won’t be in business long I am sure.

Nolitours would not return calls when tried to contact on day before departure, left messages regarding flights. Our travel agent tried for us too, but couldn’t get anyone to answer. She expressed, this is typical of these guys.
Canjet planes are old,old old, 737’s, I was surprised how bad of shape the planes interiors were. Definetly no frills, and washrooms of course did not work, they advised us prior to taking off to come home as we sat on the tarmack. Pathetic, would have been nice to repair prior to flight

Just got back last week and I would never ever consider this company for any vacations again. We’ve used the majority of the the others and believe me they are all 100% better than this bunch. No help, no service, no replys, plus we got stuck on a Canjet flight. We have renamed it "Can We Make It Jet?".


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