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The Ebola crisis is very concerning and while I’m not that sure that Canada can control any outbreak here, I’m wondering what is going to happen in Cuba when their contingent of health care workers return home from Africa. Ebola is a nasty virus and I suspect that it would be difficult to control if it got a foothold in Cuba, and because of the importance of the tourist trade any problems will probably be hushed up as long as possible.Being quarantined for a few weeks, even in Cuba, is not very appealing. Seems like a good year to wait until the last minute to book or maybe try a different location this year. Guess you might have missed this thread, where I mentioned exactly those concerns. "Cuba Sharply Expands Ebola Medical Mission"It is good to read that CUBA is actually SMARTER than the rest of the Countries like CANADA and the U.S. where they stupidly wait for the case to spread to others instead of the automatic quarantine for 21 days, of the initial person coming from infected areas. It isn’t rocket science to see that this would be easier, quarantining one person, instead of after they develop symptoms, having to quarantine all their contacts. We’ve seen how incompetent the U.S. has been with the first case in Texas (Duncan) > 2 nurses, 78 contacts including health care workers from the first Nurse, now having to track 132 plane passengers from the second Nurse, schools closed in Ohio and Texas from a couple students who were on the plane, a teacher who flew on the same plane after the Ohio-Texas flight etc etc.

(P.S. I’d rather go to Cuba (and am Nov, Dec) than to Texas or Ohio or anywhere else the boobs from CDC have a say in….now turns out the 2nd Nurse, who the top CDC guy said adamantly should not have flown, actually called the CDC monday to report her temp was 99.5 and that she was flying back to Texas…and they didn’t say she shouldn’t! Now they are changing their fever temp for suspected ebola, from 100.4 to a lower temp. This is the same CDC that told airline stewardess to wipe up any liquid on a plane as a ebola protocol) Yup. Zuckerberg should have donated his 25M dollars to Cuba, not the CDC.

More examples of why I have no confidence in the authorities (medical, political etc) because they are mishandling this.

1. People were critical of the second Nurse who flew last Friday and returned Monday to Texas, questioning that she should have known better. Today it is reported that she in fact actually called the CDC, reported a high temperature, told them she was flying back to Texas…but the CDC never told her not to fly! 2. The officials are just now deciding whether to implement a previously developed procedure to place the health workers on a ‘no fly’ list administered the the DHS.3. Previous reports said the nurse was symptom free on Monday nights flight and had a high temp Tuesday morning when she was then isolated and diagnosed. Turns out when the Nurse called the CDC on Monday to report her temp, before flying, she said it was 99.5, … so now the CDC is looking at lowering the temperature at which they consider a possible sign of Ebola down from 100.44. "CDC a month ago that flight attendants should, for example, try to wipe up as much "wet material" as possible in an effort to protect against possible Ebola." Right, flight attendants are the right people to handle bio hazard infectious material!It seems the schools below, and airline are smarter than the CDC/Texashospital/politicians etc,5. Schools in Ohio and Texas have shutdown because either staff or students were on the flight with the now confirmed Ebola infected Nurse.6. Frontier airlines has put the flight crew on paid leave for 21 days to ensure they are clear.

More recently we’ve seen that the approach for a ‘self imposed’ quarantine hasn’t worked ie. Either ABC or NBC journalist subject of the self imposed quarantine was seen out in public a number of times. When officials learned of this the staff were now subject of a ‘mandatory’ quarantine. The second Texas Nurse to get Ebola flew on a commercial flight during the ‘self testing – temperature procedure’ contrary to what was supposed to happen.REALLY instills confidence doesn’t it! Not.Oh, and I laughed when I saw the Canadian ‘expert’ on the news saying Canada will not have more than 1 case of Ebola over the course of this latest outbreak. I’d take that bet, against him.

PS. I’m still going to Cuba in Nov and Dec. Gotta die from something so I’m not letting the mishandling of the Ebola issue stop me.

U.S. and other Countries handling of these Ebola cases just reaffirms my belief we have a bunch of incompetent people who’ve learned little from past things like SARS. Not trying to fear-monger, just pissed the people in charge are NOT doing what is necessary to keep this situation from getting much much worse.Question: How difficult would it have been be to isolate people coming from the (initial) affected Countries for the 21 day max incubation period (once they’ve left those Countries) vs waiting for any of those people to develop symptoms, then have to deal with cases where they have now exposed exponentially greater numbers where isolation become Canada has reported there are about 30 people a day coming from these Countries…so ~621 would need to be quarantined for the 21 day period on a rotating basis. If they’ve chosen to be in these Countries they should be prepared to ensure they don’t spread it, by being in quarantine for the 21 days…as opposed the the alternative where these numbers snowball beyond any ability to control it. Case in point the mishandling in Texas, now a second health worker confirmed. Not surprising based on how they handled the patient (Duncan) from the initial misdiagnosis Sept 25, sending him home with antibiotics when his charts show he had severe symptoms (contrary to the Hospitals early reports to the media).Now the second health care worker who has symptoms flew the less than 24 hrs before on a commercial flight, and now the CDC has to ‘speak to’ those 132 passengers.

Hospital followed less stringent CDC protocol for protective gear vs the more stringent WHO protocol.Nurses are now coming forward with reports of all sorts of errors in protocol etc. They say the first Nurse didn’t follow proper protocol yet they don’t know how she actually was exposed. It could have just as easily been a tear in protective covering etc as opposed to her possibly having not followed the proper gear removal procedure….but let’s blame the Nurse …it’s easier.1. "guidelines were constantly changing" and "there were no protocols" about how to deal with the deadly virus."2. " left in an open area of a Dallas emergency room for hours, and the nurses treating him worked for days without proper protective gear and faced constantly changing protocols,"3. "patient’s lab samples were allowed to travel through the hospital’s pneumatic tubes, opening the possibility of contaminating the specimen delivery system. The nurses also alleged that hazardous waste was allowed to pile up to the ceiling." 4. "The nurses alleged that:Duncan was kept in a non-isolated area of the emergency department for several hours, potentially exposing up to seven other patients to Ebola;Patients who may have been exposed to Duncan were kept in isolation only for a day before being moved to areas where there were other patients;Nurses treating Duncan were also caring for other patients in the hospital;Preparation for Ebola at the hospital amounted to little more than an optional seminar for staff;In the face of constantly shifting guidelines, nurses were allowed to follow whichever ones they chose.“There was no advance preparedness on what to do with the patient, there was no protocol, there was no system,” Burger said.Even today, Burger said, some hospital staff at the Dallas hospital do not have proper equipment to handle the outbreak.“Hospital managers have assured nurses that proper equipment has been ordered but it has not arrived yet,” she said."

Complete idiots!

15 seconds into this video it sure looks like they all have exposed skin around their face masks….there shouldn’t be any exposed since for the where the ebola infected fluids could come in contact. Also at the wrist cuffs there is exposed skin by the looks of it.

There has to be weight restrictions for carry-on bags. Imagine if 170 people each brought a 50 lb carry-on instead of 10 lbs each … that would increase the weight inside the cabin by about 7,000 lbs. That is a safety issue related to weight.I think that some people are unreasonable in bringing an exorbitant amount of baggage into the already cramped cabin. Some people need more space than others, and should be accommodated (imo). I’m thinking of people who require mobility aids (walkers, etc), passengers travelling with small kids (need for diaper bag, etc), someone travelling with a medical aid (CPAP machine), someone travelling for their wedding and needing space in the cabin for a wedding dress, and other situations. I am more than willing to have those people have priority for on-board space before me.

If you can’t fit your carry-on baggage into the space assigned to you, then check it. Enough with the space hoggers.

Guess how many times there is no space above my seat on the airlines. The first few rows above us have alway had the video equipment, dining supplies, stewardess bags, and other equipment (oxygen etc?) so I guess they’d have to remove all that equipment so I can put my bag overhead? Who needs oxygen during decompression anyways"Liberia’s chief medical officer is placing herself under quarantine for 21 days after her office assistant died of Ebola""WHO said more than 300 health workers had contracted Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, the three most-affected countries. Nearly half of them had died.Making sure health care workers have the necessary supplies, including personal protective equipment, has been a challenge especially given that many flights in and out of Ebola-affected countries have been cancelled."Prudence would be to have anyone coming from one of the affected areas being required to go into 21 day quarantine, and yet we’ve seen reports even in Canada of an emerg having been shut down because of a suspected case, and several Toronto, St. Catharines hospital putting people in isolation after returning and exhibiting Ebola like symptoms! Fortunately none of them turned out to be Ebola, but it is just a matter of time that there is one. That person will have exposed who knows how many people on the plane, airport, hospital etc. You may only be infectious once you have the symptoms but I’m not reassured by our own gov’t.

Should also note the bogus emerg ‘target’ wait times. I understand the clock only starts ticking AFTER you’ve seen the Triage Nurse…and I know from personal experience that took 10-15 minutes for me, and much longer for those coming after.

I saw one Doctor on the news comment that developed Countries can better handle instances due to our better health care systems, citing hydration, medications, isolation capability, and security (picture armed guards keeping people in quarantine). My impression is that Cuba has more limited access to medications which might make it more difficult to keep in check. There are no medications that are effective against Ebola (yet). Good nursing care and close attention to physical barriers (to prevent exposure to bodily fluids) is what works to avoid spread and hopefully help the patient. I am not convinced our health care system would cope well with Ebola. People say we learned from SARS, but visiting emergency departments far more often than I would choose to in the past couple of years has convinced me otherwise. The hospitals I have visited really do not know how to triage effectively, preventing patients with injuries from contact with those coming in with potentially infectious disease. The first question through the door, before asking for your health card or letting you take a seat, should be "what is your complaint?" Letting people mingle while waiting for the Triage nurse to get around to them is the height of folly. Ebola spreads less easily than SARS, but if it mutates and goes airborne, we would be in big trouble very quickly should a case come here.
I agree, too many times we are reactive, not proactive. After these events the gov’t spends all kinds of money to show that we’ve learned from our past mistakes and develop a plan for what to do the ‘next time’, yet time and time again we repeat the same mistakes. Saw it also during SARS. Hospitals discourage staff (Nurses) from wearing masks so as not to create fear/panic, and at least one Nurse died from the stupidity of this decision by upper mgmt. As far as not being any medications, there are trial drugs and apparently even HIV drugs are now being used to try to treat Ebola. I can’t help but believe it is easier to obtain this here as oppposed to in Africa. They can’t even seem to manage to have adequate supplies of basics like gloves! Agree whole-heartedly with the emerg triage observations you’ve also noted.
Or that the fear of one of the Cuban health workers doesn’t bring it back to Cuba. That would probably decimate their tourist industry because some people would doubt their ability to treat an infected person in Cuba and keep it in check.

I saw one Doctor on the news comment that developed Countries can better handle instances due to our better health care systems, citing hydration, medications, isolation capability, and security (picture armed guards keeping people in quarantine). My impression is that Cuba has more limited access to medications which might make it more difficult to keep in check.

Santiago. Brisas Sierra Mar, our favorite. Been going there for 10yrs so we know a few people and know how useful a wheelchair could be to someone there which is why we’d leave it at the end of our week and I’d use crutches to get home. Have taken several bicycles over the years and supplies for the off resort dr and dentist family, among other things for the school and fruit farmer family.

Going in November. Unfortunately I broke my foot this week so I am looking for a foldable wheelchair that would fit a ~6′ tall guy. I think it would need about 20" wheels. Willing to buy, but my plan it to leave it there when I leave. (Using crutches right now so that is how I’d get home.) Going the Brisas Sierra Mar. In Niagara region so don’t want to travel too far to get it as the sizing is somewhat important. I’ve got a smaller one but it is for a short person so my feet drag…which is a bit of a problem with a broken foot. lol.

I’m in Southern Ontario. We can buy it in several grocery stores now. I started seeing it almost a year ago. In May it was actually more expensive at the Varadero airport then it was at my local store.
store names?
"What do you folks do in a car? on a bus?"

The difference is, you STOP the car when you want. Can’t do that on the plane. As far as ringing the call bell to take your turn at the loo….the airplane crew OFTEN don’t respond to call bells quickly as it is now. I don’t want to be on the return flight sitting in a urine soaked seat…or worse.

Return to T.O. Guy and girlfriend ready to board plane but he is too drunk. Guy couldn’t fly…did the girlfriend stay with him or fly home alone? Hell, there was no way she was staying behind with the sorry ass drunk. Delayed our departure because they had to remove the dumbass’ luggage.

Cuba IS my playground but if Michel and Angelica Robinson prefer I spend my tourist dollars elsewhere it won’t hurt me, it would hurt the Cuban economy, and all those who we bring medical/clothing/etc supplies! OP your posts are ????/

We take timbits every trip, usually purchased at the tim’s at pearson….and we feed them to the cuban iguana’s. That should make cubaking happy, that we are sharing with the cubans …. lol. So if you see a really fat iguana at brisas sierra mar …. he likes the chocolate ones.

Wouldn’t a a backhoe be more helpful to put in services like water and sewer. 4 cranes? They should move them around to other sites….or perhaps that is so they have replacement parts to keep one working. lol.

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