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yes there is a disco a cpl nights a week…just returned and they were Wed & Fri recently. There are tourists as well as workers who go to it. You are transported from the hotels to this disco as there isn’t a disco at the resorts any longer.

Have a great time!!I have been 3 times in October to this beach and have never seen any PMOW’s at that time.It’s more of a worry to hope that no adverse weather approaches now!! fingers crossed for ya. I too am looking at booking something very last minute for next week, just watching weather for now.look forward to your pics as well!
this is interesting regarding the use of american $$s as the "other" forum had me thinking I could only use pesos now.I have a few hundred $s in american 1dollar bills and was planning to use them for tipping on my first trip to Mexico this fall.I will take them now for sure and use them.

I agree it would be nice to already have it exchanged before the tip, but if you have already gone to the trouble to exchange Can to Amer then one could still give the tip without having to make yet another money exchange.

while i was there last Nov a lady fell and broke her arm, she was flown to hospital in Havana and back and was very pleased with the service from the hotel. I am not sure who paid for this the hotel or her insurance, but just letting you know they do fly you out.

ok spunky, so now I am confused I thought Balvina’s Birthday was January29?? Maybe I have it mixed up with someone else… Also how many years if you can find out..hehe I want to surprise her when I get there next month. If u don’t want to post it PM it to me please.Glad u r having a great time..I can not wait to return!!! thanks for the updates much appreciated!!


thanks for the updated addy for repeaters spunky!Can you tell Balvina that Penelope says hello? We are back for my bday(50) at Easter.I am not sure who the email goes to when it is sent to repeater one??Have a super time.THanks again


so would it be fair to say that since we will get less at cadecas.. they usually deduct approx 3%.. so would be more like 95.xx Or am I doing the math wrong?

U r sooo right about them being a hot item!!I am happy I got mine last month and for 94$plus del as well! I have the basic sony , but only wanted it 4 the reader not all the other features that u can get.My only problem is…I can’t put it down!!!!

Enjoy It!

shadow, I was only trying to explain since you said you had a hard time understanding why one would take a laptop on a 2 wk vac.I can respect that you don’t take your gadgets with u to Cuba, I appreciate your response that u don’t take the items it’s more of the part that I just don’t care to be told what to take and how I will feel about it if I do or don’t take items with me. no raw nerve(unless u count the pain I have from having a crown placed on my tooth yesterday).No problem with me either way what ppl take and how they spend the vac.

Happy travels

[quote author=lovethesummer board=cubageneral thread=18798 post=97374 time=1288375047]just wondering how many of you take along a laptop/netbook? I realize there isn’t any wireless(or very few places that have it). I am not interested in taking it for internet use.Have you had any problems/issues with aduana?We have taken ours to other destinations yes, but not Cuba.I could load my pics on and read many books as well as maybe watch a movie or so if the weather were not to co-operate.The small netbooks fit nicely in the safes as well.Thanks, just wondering![/quote]clearly u didn’t read WHY i was interested in taking a laptop… do u think the hotel would have let me use their computers to read my books, watch a movie or edit my pics on the rainy day we had.

you are to quick to pass judgement..

the link i provided above has a drop down menu that lists the various ereaders and what is avail for each.. I looked only a cpl days ago and posted that the kobo was the only one not available. The cover like I have is called the leisure. I realize that some here are purchasing or have purchased this model. Maybe an email to the website to ask if it will be avail for that model could be done by the interested parties. I also noticed that the dimensions are given for each cover and I really think one of them will fit another in some cases.I was so excited to have found this cover as it truly does protect from the elements. I had sand in everything including my bubba(which is full of water) and even a drip from the condensation dropped onto the covered reader..I wouldn’t even think of taking it to the beach without it!I hope others are able to find a cover that will work for them.Thanks shirleyujest.. I sure hope that just cuz I have my nose in a book.. that others aren’t sticking their noses up at

I do many other things as u do while away..just like to spend some of the time with a book/ereader(like the day it rained the whole day)…its really not so different I have seen many ppl for many years with a book on the beach and no thinks a thing of it.. I think its the ereader idea ppl don’t seem to get.

thanks bob for the update.. I don’t know where u get the message they r not avail as I am still able to add it to cart and proceed to chkout, so maybe it is after this that u get the message? However I wasn’t and couldn’t be aware of this when posting the information as I had just purchased mine not long ago.Yes I totally agree you can’t buy it and throw it in the beach bag!! Hence my earlier comments about the importance of taking to the beach that u WILL need a cover. Some others have posted other sites so maybe one of those will have a full cover.My problem was with how the post had changed from an information sharing regarding the use of/purchase of the covers to a bunch of comments about whether ppl should read or not. It is just my take on it but I have never seen/read so much about ppl having a book/ereader in the hand while on vac. Like I said I doubt anyone intended to offend another.Please enjoy your holiday to your liking!
I have stated fairly plainly that I have the sony version with a protective cover… took it to the beach on a 2 weeker and the cover kept ALL sand out of it as it is completely zipped!! No need for a food storage bag, however maybe u could use one if u can’t get a cover that zips. I am certainly glad I bought a version that has a cover far as distraction rather than reading.. well I too walk the beach. just came back from cayo largo and did the whole long walk twice from playa blanca to sirenas.. absolutely wonderful!!Food for thought here.. some ppl can’t do other things. I spoke with a lady while away that could not get around, she had a walker/wheelchair at times and was quite happy to sit and read under her palapa the whole time. And for others it is simply a pleasure to be able to sit and read for hours upon end. I am not so sure I could just sit home and do that!! especially with the recent weather we have had in my area.. kinda chilly!!I am sure that these comments are just others personal experience and are not intended to offend anyone, but personally I felt as tho it is implied that we are wrong to want to sit and read vs doing alot of other stuff!! To each their own I say!!Hope everyone enjoys their holiday however they choose.
Goodness, I don’t know what is so difficult..really.I took a cpl minutes to look at the products offered on m-edge and see that the LEISURE cover is available for the folowing modelsNookKindleIpadSony- both pocket and touchThe only one I didn’t see avail was for the Kobo, but I bet one of the others will fit it if you look at the measurments.No it’s not waterproof, but is a complete zip in cover that protects from sand, dust, drips from the bubba ect. Some are even on sale for a good price. and I noticed they state they ship via fed ex to canada/postal service for US.I have NO aff with m-edge. Just trying to share what I think is important information if you want to take your reader outside.Hope this is of some help/clarification to those that want a zip in cover. It is the only one I found in my search.

I am very happy I had mine covered during my last trip as everything else had sand in it including my bubba, but the reader was clean as a whistle!

yeah there was a spark for nothing happened when we plugged in the adapter, it was when we plugged in the surge pr . A second or so later it went BANG and then a bit of smoke came out of the first outlet on it and as I said the power to the bldg went out :o.But I just tried the surge protecter here and it works fine ???…

I have used the outlets in Cuba many times without issue, but have never before taken the netbook so I don’t think I have tried that kind of conf before.I only wanted to offload my pics and do a bit of editing. Maybe would be best just to have the spare card and battery for the camera and wait til home for the editing!

Yes Steffi,
thats exactly why i bought the protective cover for my sony pocket edition. And as I stated, it worked wonderfully. I spent alot of time at the beach as well and with the wind ect there was alot of sand on everything except my e reader As far as what brand of ereader to purchase, well everyones needs are different, I have the basic non wireless version as i only wanted it for reading and dont mind downloading to the comp takes seconds and I wasn’t interested in browsing for my books on the device.

I took15 books with me and read 4 but looked at 2 i never ended up reading. So just the difference of the weight alone was great and since I prefer hardcover books the feel isnt so bad.

It is actually smaller than a hardcover book and much thinner than a book with my cover mine is only 5.5×7.5×0.5.I haven’t looked for other readers but i imagine that the covers are made for most of them. Or even might fit other readers.


hmmn, yes the adapter was plugged into the 220 volt outlet. Maybe we would have been better to eliminate the surge protecter? As like was said it wasn’t doing anything anyway. We were scared to plug anything else into the adapter after that.I also talked with someone else who had plugged a hair straightener in that was rated for both andshe told me it fried it.
I had almost forgotten about this… we plugged the adapter into the wall then plugged a surge protecter into it and…bang!!!! all the power to the bldg went out!! kinda glad i didn’t just plug the netbook into it!So i got wondering.. the adapter was only rated at 125v(like the one spunky linked to) do you think that was the problem?

The surge protector was rated up to 330 volts

Freedom Ryderthis is what my cover looks like…

It is for the sony pocket edition.. works great outdoors, like I said completly inside the cover and i NEVER take it out as u can read thru the clear front. It has zippers that go all around to acsess any controls.I would think they would make them for other brands as well.

I think I bought mine at best buy.

just to mention, that i also bought a cover that it fits inside and zips up, has a clear face so u can read thru it… never have to take it out of it. I was so glad I did as i have no idea how u would keep the sand out of it?? Was made by M-Edge I believe. Enjoy the reading!!
It must b a popular week… like bebbie we r returning for visit # 3 that week as well, but staying again for 2 weeks

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