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Good Morning Fellow Travellers!
I was wondering if anyone has an email address for this resort and a name to go with it? Also any tips would be helpful….Thanks in advance
Thanks in advance guys!Just looking for a recent email address for the Melia Santa Maria and a contact name. We are heading down the end of January. Can’t wait!!! We haven’t been to that part of Cuba yet, heard great things about the beautiful beach!!! I was wondering if anyone had any tips or suggestions, just PM me!!!! Thanks again, Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!


We were in Cayo Largo 2 years ago. We went snorkeling on the Catamaran Tour…it was great! Some guests were fishing off shore in front of the Sol and catching their dinner every day!!!
Cayo Largo is Heaven on Earth ENJOY!!!

Hello all…
A friend of mine was told about a black gemstone available in Cuba…any ideas what she is talking about?????
I have been there many times…maybe I missed something Help…Thanks

Lulu ;D

Hey Gang!Can you help me find the email adress for this resort?!?I can’t find it in the list of resorts…Thanks in advance…


Hello Again to all my Friends!

I am asking for some help once again :)….does anyone remember the thread for "Steve’s 8 Hour Havana trip" , I can’t seem to find it!

We used it as a guide in October and my friend is going to Jibacoa in Feb and I said how helpful it was and now I can’t find it! Please help me save face and seem like the brilliant brunette that I am!! Thanks!

Hello again Everyone,
Does anyone have another address for this resort…[email protected]..this address just bounces back!I am asking for my boss >:(, please help…my job maybe on the line :'(…hehehe :).


Hey Turtlegirl,Why don’t you borrow one??????You could ask PumkinPu…..for hers!Sorry everyone…inside joke…couldn’t resist!!!!


This is not for an urgent request. Thanks to all those that replied…Just doing a "computer DUH" friend a favour….they are heading there later this season.

Hope all are safe in the Cayo Coco area and the rest of Cuba!

booked BJ oct 29 is there such a thing as a poor room there for 475.00 + tx

My boss went to Cayo Coco in march 08 and stayed at the Oasis Playa Coco, there was a new Villa Complex being completed. The name may have been " Balconies"?????He was wondering if anyone knew if it was open or if he just had to many mojitos and it doesn’t even exist…lol!!!!

Any info will be helpful….my job may rely on this info…lol!!!!

Does any one have Playa Costa Verdes contact info.


ok I know somebody out there has flown with them lets here the good and the bad.

ok I know somebody out there has flown with them lets here the good and the bad.

AnneM~ The Lobby Bar!!!!
Ranchon for the best roast chicken you will ever eat in your life!!!!

Jan 4 will be my 5th trip to Cuba!I am addicted to it’s charm, it’s proud people and it’s beauty!I have stopped telling people to go there….I know, I know…but I am protective of "my" special place. I’m sure everyone on this thread feels the same…lol…it’s ours to love!!!!!!Best snokling… in front of the Blau in Holquin.

Saw my first shark 20 feet off the beach there…it was a nurse shark, apparently harmless, but it sure amazed me

It’s beauty was awesome…although I think I almost…you know!!!Best pizza…Tryp Cayo CocoBest mojito…Sol Pelicano Cayo Largo.Cayo Largo is Heaven on Earth. This is my special place, it’s romantic, quiet, beautiful and has the most amazing beaches.I will return again!!!!!

Definately not discreet, but, I have a small palm tree tattoo on my inner ankle. I didn’t really get it in honour of Debbie’s Website…please don’t tell her!!!! But if it helps me to meet the great people on this site…well…maybe I did get it for the "right" reason. Could someone explain this to my mom! lol!!!

I keep hearing about touring San andres by golf cart but I never hear about the cost of renting them and it is by the hour/day/week,if any one reads this with info please respond.

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