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Hi, I live in Mexico and I have did a little traveling. From the ones above I would say that cabo, cancun, and cozumel have to be the most Beautiful, any high popular area with tourist are going to be expensive. I am from Cancun, and it is a great place to live, not boring, but it is not a beach area and not so much for kids. It is a city like New York or Dallas, a lot of night life and bars. I know all the places you listed above are areas that american citizens travel, but other hot vacation spots that are economic and on the beach are Mazatlan, Tampico, and Veracruz. Do not get me wrong this places are beautiful, and wonderful vacation spots, nothing you will be disappointed in, it just they are not as popular. If you are interested to visit to cancun, then go to (removed advertisement).com and check that out….


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