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Any advice will be great!I have booked to go for next July, we’ve upgraded to the hacienda;Any room suggestionsWhat does the hacienda upgrade mean? Are the rooms much better? A few people have mentioned a separate check in/pool etc…. what are the perks?What trips are available?What is the dolphin pool like? Are they treated well? Do they offer shows?

Any generic advice is much appreciated.

Hi CrabbyThanks for the tip. I’ll print the invoice out and put it together in the case.

That’s the going price out here for a drive… in fact this one had £8 knocked off

Thanks again for the help both of you if I get charged tax that’s fine, I just didn’t want to get into trouble, I’ve never brought brand new electrical items into the country before. I am bringing my galaxy tab so I can get away with saying it’s for my own use if needs be, not sure how comfortable I would be lying to the important looking aduana but knowing that I won’t go to jail for smuggling a disk is a huge help This person does not work for the hotel and has never asked for anything before. The family have been saving up to pay back for the disk (not that I’d accept the money off them) so I know they’re genuine. I’m very cautious of the sob stories you hear oh too often. We’ve heard loads of the normal "my starving grandma would love that phone" "my son is ill and that iPad would make him better" so the fact that there’s a black market doesn’t surprise me!

One last question, as there are 2 of us flying, is it a 100cuc in gifts allowance (50cuc each)? Depending on the current exchange rate the disk can be either just under or just over the individual allowance.

HiThat’s a good idea but I don’t have space in my bag for my laptop (my laptop is huge!) but I do have an external SATA hard disk which I can take out and use the case. I guess I can say that’s for my personal use but would they make me show it on the way out? If I show them the empty case would that be Ok? I’d much rather be honest with them.

Is it legal to bring these into the country is what I really need to know? My research has pointed to "you can bring a gift to the value of 50cuc tax free" from the aduana website now depending on the current conversion rate the hard disk was £33 so that could take me slightly above the 50cuc mark. I’m more nervous about breaking the law

Ok very funny question I know but I’m bringing an internal laptop hard disk to a friend in Cuba…. its only a 320gb SATA and cost about the 50cuc mark…Any idea how much tax we will have to pay? Or how’s the best way to bring it into the country? Should it go in case or carry on?

Any experience or advice would be brilliant!

Thank you so much for the replies, you’re all very helpful. It’s something we’ll be looking into. Another alternative is for us to fly to Paris then from Paris to Havana and a domestic to Las Brujas. It’s just such a shame that I can’t travel outside of late July/early August due to work.

For us, Europe does not compare to Cuba at all and we’re devastated that Thomas Cook UK have pulled out of our favorite destination in Cuba. Like you say though, the grass is always greener.

Thank you that’s what I needed to know I don’t know how you’d book and didn’t know any companies other than sun wing. In the UK it’s all package holidays so I think it’s slightly different.
I know it’s rude to ask and I do apologize but:How much roughly does it cost you for 2 weeks in August, we love the Melia Las Dunas but any resort on that island would be good. Thomas Cook UK have pulled out of flights heading to Santa Clara and we’re looking into our options of maybe flying to Toronto or any other city in Canada, we’re wondering how much extra it would cost us.

Any info would be great

That’s brilliant Steffie

We have been using ours since we got our kindles about 3 years ago, never had a problem I even dropped my kindle in the pool once and it was fine, no water got in.

Sara Shepard books, pretty little liars and lying game series

We have always used our loungers immediately after putting the towels down, we’re early risers so it’s OK for us I love aqua aerobics, beach games, hiring catamarans etc…. if we’re going to be away for any period of time, I leave a note on the 2 loungers saying "we will be back within an hour please do not move our belongings.

If we’re away for more than an hour then I’d not have a problem with someone reclaiming the seats.

We have found that money works best simply because the staff can then decide what they need as opposed to us forcing something on them.A few years ago, we found our maid doubled over in pain in the linen room, she was laying on the floor with her feet up, she tried to get up when she saw us but we told her to stay… she said her back was playing up big time so we gave her some paracetamol… this could be classed as a ‘gift’ I suppose but it was something that she said she needed and we felt was appropriate to give.

We’re still in touch with this lady and we make sure we bring ibuprofen gel for her whenever we visit Cuba

We go in 18 weeks for our 5th time to the Melia Las Dunas and our 8th time to Cuba, the countdown starts for us normally from 20 weeks where we do something for the holiday each weekend, this weekend we bought a bottle of suntan lotion and our travel pillows. Only way to get through those long weeks.

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